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The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) has established the Katrina Recovery Information web page to provide general information concerning school districts.  MDE is also matching charitable donations with school districts in need. 


The U.S. Department of Education has established the Hurricane Help for Schools web page that provides resources for schools in hurricane-affected areas.


Cisco Systems, Inc. has committed $40 million for the 21st Century Schools Education Initiative focused on the Gulf Coast region to aid in post Hurricane Katrina rebuilding.


The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation has created the Emergency Fund for Music Programs to provide support for school music programs in need of replacement instruments.


Best Buy has created the [email protected] Emergency Response program to provide assistance to schools across the United States that have enrolled children displaced by Hurricane Katrina.


Dollar General, in collaboration with the American Library Association, the American Association of School Librarians and the National Education Association, is sponsoring the Dollar General School Library Relief Fund in states served by Dollar General.  The fund will provide grants to public schools whose school library program has been affected by a disaster.  Grants are to replace or supplement books, media and/or library equipment in the school library setting.




The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has expanded education credits for students attending an eligible educational institution located in the Gulf Opportunity Zone (GOZ students) for any tax year beginning in 2005 or 2006.  The Hope credit for a GOZ student is increased to 100% of the first $2,000 in qualified education expenses and 50% of the next $2,000 of qualified education expenses for a maximum credit of $3,000 per student.  For an overview of tax changes, click here.


The Mississippi Institute of Higher Learning provides resources for students attending colleges and universities in Mississippi.


First Book has created the Book Relief program to distribute books to individuals and schools affected by Hurricane Katrina.