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Remembering Coretta Scott King Among Those Who Moved Us Forward

Dr. Barbara Reynolds ( – Coretta Scott King died on January 30, 2006. Yet her legacy is very much alive as a coalition builder, a strategist and a moral voice that confronted detractors but insisted upon non-violent approaches, such as dialogue, protests and economic boycotts with the end goal of peaceful reconciliation. In their own…

How Did We Come to This?

( – For several months, we’ve been bombarded with so much hatred that we thought was in our past. How did we come to this? We’ve heard declarations of making America great AGAIN as though it’s always been great for all of us and not just the few. When I hear that declaration, I want…

Honoring Martin King, John Lewis and 1965

The 2017 King Holiday marks the 31st year of the event. When it was first celebrated on January 20, 1986, I was directing the Non-Violent Social Change Program for Mrs. King at the “King Center for Non-Violent Social Change” in Atlanta. I had attended meetings in the mid-1980s that Mrs. King held at the Center with…

Beyond The Politics Of Workplace Violence

By Barney Blakeney   I got the call while writing on deadline. My mind was on the story I was writing so it took a minute to understand what the caller was talking about. The mind works a lot faster than the mouth. A lot of times people speak with half sentences as their mind…

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Don’t Let Negative Folks Destroy You

By Hakim Abdul-Ali   Today I’m going to rap to you about a very troubling situation that’s oftentimes occurring in our lives. And that is dealing with negativities floating all around us.      First, let me briefly set the scenario behind why I’m addressing this topic now. It’s based upon a rather impromptu  conversation…

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Taking A Pause

By Hakim Abdul-Ali     A lot of stuff is going on in the world. Some global ethnically abstract-minded “colored” folk, including some of them who are here in our own vastly racially separated and political divided nation, don’t even know or care about the real happenings and its signs that are flashing before their…

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Changing The Flava Of Charleston

By Barney Blakeney    There’s a new flava in the house. There’s a brand new flava in the house. I was reminded of those lyrics from some song, whose title I can’t remember, the other day during a conversation with a new friend. The guy grew up in the Upstate, but now lives here. His…

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Remembering Dick Gregory, “Our” Ultimate Activist

By Hakim Abdul-Ali    Legendary civil rights activist and accomplished former entertainer Dick Gregory died on August 19, 2017. The news of his death caused a stone, cold pause in my thoughts generating  immense reflective respect for this great teacher and iconic freedom fighter. I have nothing but respect for him because Mr. Gregory, or…

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America: No Place For Hate

By Beverly Gadson-Birch Well Lowcountry, we made it through the great eclipse of 2017. We also made it through the throng of visitors who came to witness the once in a lifetime phenomenon. Folks were everywhere! Restaurants, grocery and retail stores were packed to the brim as folks prepared for the event. Traffic was horrendous!…

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