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Take The Blinders Off With Education, Not Indoctrination

By Barney Blakeney   I heard from my friends Verlyn and Tyrone Tarlton the other day. I met the Tarltons last year as they traveled with their three children through South Carolina on a nationwide journey to visit all states of the Continental U.S. The Virginians embarked on their quest as part of the children’s…

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“Hard Work Didn’t Kill Me”

By Beverly Gadson-Birch    The younger generation can learn a lot from older folks. When I was younger, my grand momma used to say, “hard work don’t kill nobody.” Now, I am sure you know someone who hard work did in fact killed. Thank goodness for the elderly because their wisdom far outlived them. The…

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Living on Different Sides of the Street

By Hakim Abdul-Ali   It’s no secret that the United States of America is a racially divided country. So much so that it shouldn’t be a surprise to any ethical person. “It is what it is” as so many candid pundits of modernity proclaim. I’m a man of color born in Harlem—the center of the…

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Affordable Healthcare Is Not An Option

By Beverly Gadson-Birch    The question in my mind is what will President Trump do next? What kind of lie or diversionary tactic will he come up with to get the spotlight off him? Since you never know which direction the President is headed, prepare yourself to be ambushed or bamboozled or both. With less…

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