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Elder James Johnson: “Belly Full”

By Beverly Gadson-Birch      Last week, I watched a disturbing video of a black man accused of shoplifting being severely beaten by the Middle Eastern shop owner. The man was struck with a sword, punched and kicked numerous times. One of the shop owners in the video could be seen flashing a gun. The…

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Exploitation, Abuse – It’s Business As Usual In The Black Community

By Barney Blakeney    Sometimes I get so backed up it seems there’s more stuff to do than time to do it. So it was several days after the incident that I learned about the March 31 assault of an accused shoplifter by operators at a North Charleston neighborhood convenience store. By then the incident…

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My Dad and the “Move to the Groove”

By Hakim Abdul-Ali      I’m sitting here seemingly looking aimlessly into space and, for some unfathomable reason, I’m presently thinking about my late father’s advice to me. I know this has to end soon because I’ve got stuff to do and truly it’s time to get busy. In my worlds of emerging urgent tasks,…

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Spring is a Time for Reflections

By Hakim Abdul-Ali        Greetings to you, and I trust that you’re doing well, especially doing so with an amicable heart and a sound mind. Being peaceful and happy are goals we all should strive for each and every second of our existences. From where I’m coming from today in my mind’s eye…

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