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America: No Place For Hate

By Beverly Gadson-Birch Well Lowcountry, we made it through the great eclipse of 2017. We also made it through the throng of visitors who came to witness the once in a lifetime phenomenon. Folks were everywhere! Restaurants, grocery and retail stores were packed to the brim as folks prepared for the event. Traffic was horrendous!…

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The Priority of Symbolism

By Barney Blakeney    I have mixed feelings about calls to tear down monuments and stuff related to The Confederacy. I think symbolism without substance is just so much stuff. But I also know that symbolism can represent stuff that perpetuates things like racism, hate and separatism. Since the melee that broke out in Charlottesville,…

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Crime and Sentencing

By Barney Blakeney I get crime reports all the time. So much, I’m concerned about becoming desensitized. I’m seldom surprised at what I get. But for some reason a report other day that some 17-year-old kid received a 30-year sentence stuck in my craw. The report said the kid must do 85 percent of the…

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Charlottesville Delivers a Message

By Hakim Abdul-Ali   This past weekend, America experienced another shameful round in its continuing battle with some of its citizenry as it relates to the establishment of freedom, justice and equality for all. The menacing occasion, now sadly and tragically known to this country and the rest of the world was the alt-right movement’s…

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Lighten Up: You Won’t Get Out Of This World Alive

By Beverly Gadson-Birch   When I say so much is happening in the world today, that’s an understatement. It is easy to get caught up in the drama and not find beauty in nature or peace at the beach. Although I have always been fascinated by the ocean, I am not a swimmer. I just love…

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Solving Conflicts Require Understanding

By Barney Blakeney I received a telephone message the other day that’s been bothering me ever since. There must have been a bad connection because I could understand very little of what the caller said except that he was ticked off at me about something. I have no idea what he was saying otherwise. The…

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