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What’s There to Celebrate? Black Independence or Intolerance

By Beverly Gadson-Birch As another Independence Day has come and gone, just how independent are you? Do you own a business or a home? Can you afford to take a vacation across country or to another country? From slavery to freedom, black ancestors believed things would get better one day and God would deliver them out…

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You’ve Got To Pick Your Battles Cautiously

By Barney Blakeney If you’re scared, say you’re scared. But there’s a difference between being scared and being cautious. I’ve always tried to be cautious. I take risks, sometimes unnecessary risks. But I’m always cautious. I’m tempted to thrown caution to the wind in my discussion of the recent hubbub over a race bias audit…

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Mother Africa Speaks

By Hakim Abdul-Ali    It is said that wisdom lies at the feet of the mother. If that is correct, and I certainly agree with that sentiment in many aspects, then all of “hue-manity” should sit, respect, acknowledge and listen to the mother of all nations’ common sense, and that’s the circumspection coming from Africa.…

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“A Picnic is Not Always a Picnic”

By Beverly Gadson-Birch A picnic is defined as an “outing or occasion that includes taking a packed meal to be eaten outdoors”.  Another definition of picnic came out of lynching blacks, “picking a “nigger” to lynch in front of a crowd of whites. Snopes rates the definition as “false”.  In fact, Snopes claims “picnic” is…

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