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Sometimes You Have To Throw A Brick

By Beverly Gadson-Birch Every now and then, a friend will inbox me something that is nonsense or makes a lot of sense.  So, follow this condensed version of a recent e-mail I received regarding a little boy that needed help.  I am sure some of you have received the same e-mail. Here goes! A little boy…

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Cops Or Crooks – Blacks Can Make The Choice

By Barney Blakeney   Something came across my desk the other day. The South Carolina state board, which oversees the Criminal Justice Academy, voted unanimously to require mental health screening for all aspiring officers. According to information from The Clyde Group, a D.C.-based communications and public affairs firm, the University of Phoenix conducted a national…

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President #45: Pardon Me!

By Beverly Gadson-Birch Boy have I got a story for you today. Have y’all been keeping up with the news?  I am sure some of y’all old schoolers are familiar with the phrase, “you have to laugh to keep from crying”.  That’s what I find myself doing with President #45, Donald Trump.  Every night I…

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The Artistic Brilliance of Tom Feelings

By Hakim Abdul-Ali It’s a polite and humble honor to recognize the greats of anyone’s culture, especially those souls who make and have made significant impact upon “hue-manity,” no matter whatever ethnic culture they claim as their own. So, it is with absolute joy that I bring to your attention my heartfelt respect and remembrance…

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