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June 18, 2008



On President Bush’s Call for More Energy Production



"We know that America needs more energy and more domestic production. I support President Bush’s call for that, just as I have for years supported policies that could have led us toward energy security.


My policy as Governor has been to recognize the need for more domestically produced energy because Mississippi is a great source. From Entergy’s proposed nuclear power plant, to the LNG terminal and Chevron refinery expansions in Pascagoula, to Mississippi Power’s proposed coal gasification plant in Kemper County, to more pipelines and Denbury Resources efforts in tertiary recovery, to Ergon-Bunge’s ethanol project in Vicksburg, to Scott Petroleum’s biodiesel project in Greenville, to Rentech’s coal to liquids project in Natchez, Mississippi has huge potential.


The President’s call for exploration in ANWR and the outer continental shelf echoes the position taken by the Republican Party when I was Chairman in 1995. Congress passed the ANWR bill to allow drilling and then-President Clinton vetoed it. If President Clinton had not vetoed the bill we would be getting more than one million barrels of oil a day from ANWR.


Gasoline costs $4 a gallon today because the Left has successfully prohibited more domestic production, and when the supply is limited the price goes up.


If President Clinton hadn’t vetoed exploration in ANWR and if the Democratic Congress had heeded President Bush’s call for more offshore drilling earlier in his Administration, America wouldn’t be as dependent on foreign oil.


Here in Mississippi we want to be seen as an energy reliable state where businesses want to locate because they know they will get a reliable supply of energy at the lowest possible cost."