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A Call for Help!

Tiny made hundreds or perhaps thousands of home-made recordings for people, and we hope to someday release an album of these tapes.

Some people have asked for compensation for the use of their tapes, but the cost of obtaining the permission from the copyright owners of the songs, plus the production costs of the CD itself, make the project quite expensive to begin with. The sales of such a CD would probably not justify any great expenditures to produce it, and it probably would break even at best. Therefore we are not offering compensation for the use of home-made recordings. However, people who contribute would of course be listed in the credits of the album.

We appreciate being kept informed about any News concerning Tiny Tim, such as the production of plays about him, CD's dedicated to him, tribute concerts, art shows featuring paintings or sculptures of Tiny, mentions of him in radio or TV interviews, re-runs of any of his past TV or radio appearances, or any News, photos, or information etc. Please send any Tiny Tim news to Ernie Clark, 69 Summer Street, Battle Creek, Michigan 49015.

Photos and Clippings:
If you have any pictures or clippings of Tiny Tim which do not appear on this site, we would love to have copies of them. We would advise that you make copies of any irreplaceable materials before sending them. Please let us know if you need your materials returned. If so, make sure your return address is printed legibly.

Special Note: We are seeking photos of places that were prominent in Tiny Tim's life, especially photos of any of the clubs where he appeared in the Village, (either as they were or as they appear now,) the apartment where he grew up, schools he attended, people who knew him in the sixties, (such as Steve Paul, or any of his old managers), a photo of his parents grave at Woodlawn, etc. We also need the actual locations or addresses of these sites, if you know them. We especially need a picture of Hubert's Flea Circus.

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