The Beatles Christmas Album
"The Beatles Christmas Album"
iny was featured on this album singing the Beatles song "Nowhere Man," in his high voice. The Beatles first heard this when they attended Tiny's concert at the Albert Hall in 1969, which they very much enjoyed. Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull also attended this concert, as did the artist Martin Sharp. Martin was the editor of the famous underground paper "Oz," and designed many album covers, including "Disraeli Gears," which was recently featured in a People Magazine story on classic album covers from the '60's

Martin Sharp later brought Tiny to his native Australia many times, and produced several albums with Tiny. The best of these are "Chameleon" and "Wonderful World of Romance," as well as "Tiny Tim's Christmas Album," now on the Rounder Label. Martin also made a full length feature film starring Tiny, and he has done many paintings featuring Tiny as well.

If you would like to hear Tiny's Australian albums that are not yet available in the US, please write to Rounder Records at Rounder Records Corp. 1 Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140. Please request that they release "Chameleon" and "Wonderful World of Romance" in the US!

Apple SBC 100, given to members of the official Beatles fan club in 1970. This album features Tiny singing "Nowhere Man" on track two, side two. This record was never available in stores. This is the American version of the lp. The British pressing had a different cover. Tiny's contribution was recorded in George Harrison' hotel room in New York and later edited into the 1968 Christmas message. (see Discography)

Special thanks to for providing this information and image. It is just one of the many items in his collection. For more information please see the Collectors page.

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