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Wonderful Memories of Tiny Tim

I discovered your site by doing a web search. I have been to several sites, but no link was provided to yours.

I was so saddened by the news of his death. His career was taking off again in a big way, and his music meant so much to me. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tim in 1978 here in Los Angeles. He was playing at the Comedy Store. I was so excited. I had been a fan since his 1968 Laugh - In launch.

I was raised in Poughkeepsie, NY, he once appeared there at a show in our high school. That night, I had to take a drivers education course. I was in the same building and could hear him through the walls, but did not get to see him !! I was devastated, and now in California I had my chance to meet him. I sat in the front row. At that time he had "The Timmies and the Tulips", his band and dancing ladies. During the finale, he asked for a member of the audience to come on-stage, and up I went. I danced with the ladies, and we took our places at his side and saluted as he did the star spangled banner and then went into "Tiptoe". What an experience !!!!

After the show, I went backstage to ask for autographs on the albums I had brought. When my turn came and I came up to introduce myself, I no sooner said my first name when he said " Oh, Mr. Eric, thank you so much for your letters", and asked me to sit beside him. He had remembered me from many letters I had sent to him c/o the record company. I was amazed. He autographed my albums, and gave me an autographed tie (he had thrown one from the stage when doing "Great Balls of Fire" and I had missed catching it). After he had signed and talked to everybody, I walked with him down Sunset blvd. to the Hotel.

He got a lot of attention, and I held his shopping bag with Uke when he posed for photos. He asked me to visit with him in his room at the hotel. I went up with him and his manager at the time, Mr. Jacoby. His room was cluttered with vitamins, health food and all sorts of odds and ends. He sang some songs that I requested, and talked about Rudy Vallee, whom I had met and interviewed on radio. We taped a snippet of "Country Queen", where I did the low vocals and he did the high. He was off to a party, and he invited me along. Sadly, by the time I retrieved my car he was long gone and I could not find the party location myself. The next day he was taping Merv Griffin. I was working down the street, and I walked over to the hotel to see him off. The Merv show was great, he did "White Cliffs of Dover" in top hat and tails, and did a duet with Mrs. Miller of "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie". These memories are as clear and wonderful as if they happened yesterday.

He is with us still in spirit, and he has truly inspired so many people. He is and was a rare gift. He is truly missed but will never be forgotten.

Warmest Wishes,
Eric Fredericksen

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