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Tiny Tim in Studio 54 documentary

Sue Khaury wrote: (in response to his inquiry regarding God Bless Tiny Tim) I am glad to say that Warner Brothers has just re-released Tiny's first album, "God Bless Tiny Tim", in Japan, and it is available as an import from Amazon.com, CDNOW.com, and probably many others. I hope you enjoy it!

Sue Khaury

Dear Miss Sue,

Thank you for your lovely letter, and what a pleasure it is to hear from you! I've picked up the above mentioned CD, as well as "Girl" on Rounder. I love Tiny's rendition of "Stairway to Heaven". I'm certain that he's there now, with the Lord. A man who has brought such happiness and lived such a publicly religious life is surely rewarded in the hereafter, I'm sure you'll agree. My girlfriend (also a fan) and I saw Tiny on A&E last week, albeit briefly, on a special about Studio 54. We were SO surprised! He was (of course) instantly recognizable, and it made me think-Tiny Tim has become a cultural Icon. As I mentioned, I recall TV appearances he did on a kids puppet show in Cincinnati back in '68-70, as well as his "Laugh-In" appearances. I play his CD's at work, and everyone knows who it is I'm playing. I don't think I've convinced anyone to go out and buy their own copies yet, but I'm working on it! Literally, everybody still knows who he is, whether they like him or not. I'm currently working on finding a very good copy of the "You Are What You Eat" soundtrack. Is this something that you have in your collection? Again, I'm so happy to have rediscovered Tiny's works, or rather, to have discovered that they are starting to come back for us fans in CD.

Thank you & all the dear friends involved with the Official web-site for giving me back so much joy. God Bless YOU, Miss Sue!

Off. Walter C. Kunz Jr.
Federal Deportation Officer
Houston, Texas

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