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Tiny Tim from iTunes Music Store

Thank you for the great resource. I actually stumbled upon the song "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" in a random funny video kind of thing on the net and then sought to purchase the song and actually learn who sang it and such. I then decided to learn more about the gentleman that I'd heard reference to in my childhood. Your site is informative and well laid out. Thank you!

Also, I should note that I purchased the song through the iTunes Music Store. They appear to be carrying: "God Bless Tiny Tim", "Girl", "Tiny Tim's Christmas Album" and "Live in Chicago"

You may want to add that to your listing of where to purchase his music, because in digital form his work can live on much longer than on the rare originals. :)

Thank you again and have a great day,
Russ Matthews
San Francisco, CA

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