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...No knowledge of the history of psychic resarch

Dear Susan,

It is just such narrow and biased viewpoints as this that hold back progress in human development. You have obviously no knowledge of the history of psychic resarch (I speak as an academic, whom has studied this field for over 30yrs, I can assure you that no one can be "summoned back".) The evidence (if you care to look objectively at it, instead of it being crouched in religious dogma) for human survival is fairly impressive. Work around the world, and in different cultures and religions points to UNIVERSAL survival, not just for a selected religios few. PLEASE do your research before you comment on such issues.

Miss Sue's Reply

Dear M.A. Lewis,

Thank you for your letter. I wish everyone were as interested in these matters as you are. Most seem to go along as if what happens after this life is of no importance. I feel it is all important.

I can understand why you would not understand my decision to accept religious revelation over human experience and reports. I invite you to do some research also. My mind was influenced by several books including The Resurrection Factor by Josh McDowell. He has a similar one called More Than A Carpenter. These books convinvced me that the evidence for Christ's resurrection are very strong. This means that Christ is the only person in history who has come back from the dead in the flesh. This places his words on a special plane for me. (These books also deal with the related issues of the reliability and transmission of scripture.)

I also read a book called The Beautiful Side of Evil. It talks about the possibility of being deceived by spiritual experiences. I think there is an evil side to the spirit realm that can give us false experiences and false interpretations. After all, there are at any one time many people who claim to be reincarnations of the same historical figures. For this reason I discount reincarnation, and look with doubt on other first hand accounts of near death experiences. I think they are interesting, but none is as well documented as Christ's physical resurrection, so I do not give them equal status.

I hope this explains the basis of my comments on seances and spiritual matters. It may not be the same conclusion as yours, but it is based on my own research and thought, not on blind faith or prejudice. I hope you can respect that, and perhaps be encouraged to check out my sources as well.

Sue Khaury

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