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Letters to Miss Sue

I have read "your message"

Dear Miss Sue,

I decided to write this letter to you after I have read "your message" in Tiny Tim's site. It is just a few days ago that I have known Tiny Tim. I'm forty-eight years old and I'm living in Athens-Greece. Although I have always been very fond of English-spoken musicians and well informed about most of them, however I must admit that I didn't Knew Tiny Tom. A few days ago navigating the web I visited deliberately the site "rotten", for I feel a strong relish to see things that have to deal with death. I must mention that sometimes I was religious and used to love life a lot, I still believe that life is a divine gift, but a series of strange circumstances occurred in my life have changed a lot for the worst this point of view. You write at your message that "you turned your back on God. You became rebellious". I'm not only doing this, I'm blasphemous as well. Sometimes I recognize that, I find myself ingrate and have a great deal of guilt. But this remorse does not last long. I soon fall again to my former slough of despond, becoming even worse. Anyway, in the above-mentioned site I visited the "celebrity's morgue gallery". Among the various personalities become famous for a variety of reasons I found Tiny Tim lying in his casket holding a chaplet and his ukulele. That image stroke me so much. It made me think so many things. First I was surprised not to know a famous musician as it was noted there, since I considered myself theretofore a "connoisseur" of music history. However I was trying hard to remember where I might have seen that face before, for it seemed to me so familiar. Contemplating I kept thinking very long. The man lying in the casket seemed as sleeping never giving the impression of a dead. Furthermore he inspired to me so many feelings: above all an immense sympathy, He seemed to me so friendly and accessible. Sadness, I was intuiting that pain was often present in his life. Finally a great curiosity to get to know him. So I searched the web and learnt almost everything about him. Still my wish to keep being informed about Tiny Tim is not yet saturated. I read his biography I saw his pictures. I loved him more than I could expect. I loved his smile, his style, and I'm sure I will love his songs as soon as I shall listen to them. I'm already a fan of his. However everything I have wrote above was only the introduction to what make me write this letter to you. In fact dear miss Sue another thing that impressed me so much in the site, was really "your message". When I reached the lines you write about your attitude towards God, and His mercy I must admit that I could not help crying. It really moved me your faith in God about What God could hide for us, though the most of times we would not deserve anything from His Compassion or Grace. I'm sure you are the person who Tiny Tim Loved most, as I'm sure you will still love him as long as you live, enshrining his loving memory. It's a great honor for me to have contacted you and consequently Tiny Tim even indirectly. It is to me like I really have met both of you. I shall keep my contact with you in the future.

Many thanks for reading my letter. Forgive my English, I wish I could write in my language, so that I could express better my feelings.

Very Friendly yours

Giannis S.

Dear Mr Giannis S,

Thank you for your wonderful letter. This is the kind of letter that makes me feel that the website has been worth all the time and effort and money that has been put into it over the years. If the site reaches one person such as yourself and encourages him in the slightest way to turn to God, then it has served its purpose completely. As for my late husband, I hope you are able to find his CD's, and I especially recommend God Bless Tiny Tim, his first major label album. I think it is out of print, but you may be able to find it on ebay. If not, you could write to:

Ernie Clark

or call him at 616-962-3543

He is a great collector and very knowledgeable.

I am amazed by the way that you became interested in Tiny by seeing his picture in the coffin. Your intuition about him is quite correct. I think many people became interested in Tiny just by looking at him while he was alive, but I never knew a person could tell so much about him by looking at a picture of his dead body. In fact some people have complained about that picture being on the web, and have found it to be in poor taste. I had nothing to do with putting it on the web and if I had made the decision I would have said no. However, maybe I was wrong. Maybe even that picture of Tiny can have a positive effect on people. I guess his expression still showed his character, even in death.

Sue Khaury

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