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Letters from Belgium I received your reply today to my little words sent a few weeks ago. You can, of course use it for your site. I would like to know if you can tell me, in what year the album "Concert in Fairyland" was published (1968). There is no year mentioned on the record. I would be very pleased to get Tiny's "God Bless Tiny Tim" on CD and I will order it on amazon.com site. Let me tell you this little story of how I came to know Tiny and how strange things happen sometimes. I've been waiting more than 10 years to finally get the God Bless Tiny Tim" original recording. Tiny recorded this album back in the year of my birth. Long ago and not so long ago in the same time. 10 years ago, back in 1987, a German friend of mine living in Paris, who used to frequently send me presents, sent me a "surprise-tape" with Tiny's "God bless Tiny Tim" album. I had never heard about him before.

At that very moment, it was for me the revelation of something unusual, different, 'flashy' (in a positive sense) and in the same time so true, not exactly the kind of music that the teenagers were listening to in those years. But I liked it. I liked him. A "love troubadour", indeed. Unfortunately, the quality of the recording was bad, too bad and Ingrid could not provide me with a better recording because she did not have the vinyl, only a recording on a tape that she owned from a friend of hers whom she had not seen for ages anymore, and she would probably never see her again! I had no other choice anyway, and I enjoyed listening to this vinyl on and on to this one and only record.

Then I found some brand new CD's back in 1996, 8 years later: "Impotent Troubadour", "I Love Me", "Christmas Tiny" and "Girl". I guess you can imagine how glad I was to find this stuff. A few months later, I found another CD "Tiptoe Resurrection". Among all this new stuff (for me), I did not know exactly which ones were new CD's or re-released songs, but I did not care. Once more: Tiny was here for more and for me. I am also a singer and a songwriter, and I intended to send Tiny a personal song in order to wish him the best with a little song. I knew how this song would sound and that I would sing it falsetto, in Tiny's way in order to make him smile. But I never did it, and I regretted it, even though I wanted to everyday life pressure, hard workdays, interfered, but I know today that he would have never had the chance to hear it. So this songs remains today in my heart. I have only been told a few months ago that Tiny passed away. I was wandering downtown and I found the original recording of "God Bless Tiny Tim " at last, after 11 years expectations, and many attempts to get it, 30 years after he recorded it. I am 30 years old this year as well, like the record. I was so happy. A few days later I checked on the net to see if there was a site dedicated to Tiny and I found yours. I sent you the following few lines (which I mention in the beginning of this letter):" Lots of love from Belgium last Saturday I found " God Bless Tiny Tim" original recording in a a shop. I was the happiest guy on Earth. I thought I would never find it. Tiny will always be in our hearts.


2 weeks ago, I was wandering again and I found a totally unknown vinyl called "Concert in Fairyland" - brand new vinyl wrapped under plastic cover, not second hand, an original recording. I am sure this time that Tiny's spirit is guiding my way and I feel rewarded today for all these years of perseverance and this "love story" between Tiny and me is also a proof that anything can happen to who can wait and is patient.

Lots of love,

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