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Was isn't there a DVD of the best Tiny Tim performances and guest shots on old variety and talk shows?

MessageType: (Suggestion)

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Comments: I have been a Tiny Tim fan since the first time I saw him perform on Laugh-in, I even had the extrenme pleasure of seeing him perform on stage in Branson, Missouri in 1993. I also got to briefly speak with Tiny after the show, and get his autograph, It was like meeting The Messiah! My question is, why does'nt someone put together a dvd of his best personal performances and guest shots on old variety and talk shows? I for one would definately buy It!

Permission: Yes

Name: Michael R.

Hi Michael,

That is a good question, I would buy it too! Tiny has appeared on a handful of releases like the Laugh-In sets and the pilot movie of Ironside but other than that there isn't much. I'm happy to say that there's a serious biopic of Tiny in the works with John Turturro in the lead role. Thank you for your question and for supporting Tiny all these years.

Ernie Clark (www.charlestonchronicle.net)

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