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Did Tiny Tim sing with a band from Texas called Brave Combo?

MessageType: (Question)

Subject: (Other)

Comments: My friend and I were discussing Tiny tonight and how much we miss him... I have a question that I would really appreciate an answer to. My friend said that Tiny sang with a band from Texas called Brave Combo. We saw the band tonight and thats when he told me. I never heard anything like that before and wondered if you could put us straight. I know how busy you must be but if you could answer this question I would be grateful. I thank You in advance. Carol

Permission: Yes

Name: Carol B.

Hi Carol,

Tiny did indeed play some live dates with Brave Combo to promote his cd entitled "Girl". Brave Combo backed Tiny on the cd. It's still available on Rounder Records. Check it out, it's a fun cd.
Thank you for your question.

Ernie Clark (www.charlestonchronicle.net)

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