When I First Remember

When I First Remember Who: Lady in White Productions presents When I First Remember What: Family-friendly night of entertainment Takes the audience on a journey with African slaves on their way to the Low Country Highlights how they survived, persevered and adapted in a foreign land, giving rise to a unique culture and identity, Gullah-Geechee, that is recognized and emulated today Why: Every Thursday we open the doors of Charleston third oldest structure ” Old Bethel United Methodist Church” . To educate tourists on the history and origins of the enslaved peoples of the Low Country and how their resilience and influence created the modern day African-American and Gullah-Geechee communities. We give visitors a chance to come in and sit, sing, see, and be apart of living history of the church and tell the story of the church and our lives as enslave and free people here in the Low Country. The mission of When I First Remember is to tell the story of the African slaves of the Low Country that gave birth to a unique culture and identity known as the Gullah-Geechee culture. Description: When I First Remember takes the viewer on a journey with the characters who are African slaves traveling to the Low Country on a slave ship. The audience will be transported with the actors and witness how they survived, adjusted and adapted to their new world, creating a new culture and identity that is recognized today‚Ķthe Gullah-Geechee culture. (A portion of the proceeds from this production help to upkeep this National Monument ) Season June 1- October 5th every Thursday

Jun-01-17 7:00 pm - Oct-05-17 8:00 pm