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The Photographer and Uncommon Access, a panel discussion

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art presents this dynamic panel in conjunction with their current exhibition, Southbound: Photographs of and about the New South. This panel discussion will explore photographers’ privileged access to communities that we might otherwise never have the chance to see.

Featuring Southbound artists Deborah Luster, who photographs prisoners in Louisiana’s Angola Prison; Susana Raab, who photographs migrant workers in Florida; Sofia Valiente, who documents a transitional community of registered sex offenders, and Rob Amberg, who photographs intentional communities and those who live off the land in rural North Carolina.

See their images on the Southbound website:

Feb-23-19 2:00 pm - Feb-23-19 3:00 pm
Room 309, Simons Center for the Arts
Address: 54 St. Philip Street, Charleston, SC 29401