Real Everyday Balance Workshop for Professional Women

Find your real everyday balance as a busy, professional woman and discover the boundaries to maintain it!

During the workshop you will learn

– the importance of discovering what you treasure, what is important to you;

– the myth of work-life balance; and

– how to achieve real everyday balance.

You will also explore and define your top core values and life priorities; identify your areas of imbalance; determine boundaries and techniques to maintain real everyday balance in your life; and enjoy support and discussion with other like-minded women.

The Real Everyday Balance Workshop will result in you becoming more productive and satisfied professionally and personally and it will refresh your soul!

This workshop will be fun, informative, inspiring and empowering!I

​Space is Limited – Register now!

Real Everyday Balance –

Jun-16-18 8:30 am - Jun-16-18 12:30 pm
IES Labor Services - Northbridge,
Address: 1684 Old Towne Road, Charleston SC 29407