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Nothing Less! Medicare For All Town Hall

Medicare for All Town Hall with Michael Lighty

As the 2020 election cycle approaches, political elites will do everything in their power to distract from the demand for a universal, single-payer insurance system, and to water down the solution with “moderate,” “market-friendly” approaches. Perhaps no other demand since the postwar era has provoked as powerful an opposition as the demand for Medicare for All. The ruling class knows just how much the socialization of health insurance threatens its power.

Come out to hear labor and healthcare leaders on why we must demand nothing less than Medicare for All, and how we can fight to keep this the defining issue of our political moment.

With powerful donors lined up in opposition to single-payer and prominent Democrats either cagily supporting Medicare for All or actively attempting to undermine it with counterfeit copycat legislation, it’s clear that we cannot trust establishment politicos to give the people what we overwhelmingly demand.

That’s why we need to come out swinging and this town hall will help launch a new push to move Medicare for All from a demand to reality.

Michael Lighty is considered a preeminent spokesperson and expert on Medicare for All. For over 25 years, Lighty has organized, written and spoken on the subject. He is currently a lead policy analyst for a single-payer bill, SB 562, the Healthy California Act. From 1994 until 2018, Michael worked for the California Nurses Association/NNU where he coordinated campaigns for an HMO patients’ bill of rights, clean money elections, and nationally for a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street. Lighty was the first openly LGBTQ Commissioner for the Port of Oakland. He was Jerry Brown’s first mayoral appointee to the Oakland Planning Commission in 1999, and was appointed by Oakland Mayor Ronald Dellums to the Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners, in 2010. He serves on the Board of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom Center in Oakland, CA, where he lives with his spouse.

Aug-08-19 5:00 pm - Aug-08-19 7:00 pm
International Longshorman Association Local 1422
Address: 1142 Morrison Dr, Charleston, SC 29403, USA