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“Low Country Rhythms” by Alvin Glen

Implementation of the rice pounding sounds into spiritual and secular rhythms changed the pulse of Charleston and the world. The featured images in this exhibition illustrate the brilliant hopes of the freed African — the sounds of those pounding rice and creating what one can only imagine as the root sounds of gospel and jazz music in America. Observe the images on display, and imagine the rhythms and vocals as the rice was pounded, celebrating freedom, self-sustenance, and the new spirit in the life of the community. Alvin Glen was born in Dorchester, SC, and he grew up in a rural farm area during the end of “Jim Crow” rule. Glen was exposed to civil rights and religious leaders, and his family taught him how to positively blend those exposures. The First Monday Gallery Night opening reception will take place Feb. 3 from 6-7 p.m.