Indigo Dye Class

Learn the art of dying with indigo at The Port Mercantile on Saturday, July 14. This hands-on class will demonstrate the various hues of dyeing with indigo on different fabrics. Items will be available for purchase at the Mercantile for dyeing or participants can bring two from home.


White, beige, cream, and light colored items are prefered for dyeing with indigo. But, a pure white fabric is best for a true blue hue. Linen, cotton, or rayon (tencel) are the best fabrics for this class. Items to consider bringing: clothing items (no denim – only lightweight fabric), dinner napkins, pillow case, scarves, or a small apron.


Class times: 10-12pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm. Tickets are $85 per person.


Jul-14-18 10:00 am - Jul-14-18 5:00 pm
The Port Mercantile
Address: 75 Wentworth Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401