Ill Vibe The Tribe presents Art Binge: A Quarterly Art Market

Jun-30-17 8:00 pm - Jul-01-17 11:20 am

On Friday, June 30, 2017 at  The Royal American, local culture curators  Ill Vibe the Tribe will present the first installation of their quarterly art market titled, Art Binge. This Art Binge will feature 4 visual artists, Soulful Bliss, Zulu Bantu, Love Samurai, and Charleston’s own Concept Rxch. There will be live performances by Poppy Native, Niecy Blues, and Stella Rae of New Galaxy. Chef Aaron Eames of Ambrosia Kitchen will be curating a special menu just for this event and Emily Bramfield will also be creating Henna tattoos throughout the night. The live sets will be threaded together by the sounds of Ill Vibe’s own resident DJ, Sista Misses.

Soulful Bliss is known for her intricate paintings of the divine feminine using different mediums, while Love Samurai takes you into other realms with his celestial pieces. Zulu Bantu, natural hair guru, creates empowering pieces of majestic and carefree expression. The work of Concept Rxch is easily recognized, from his use of seductive silhouettes to provocative tones, to his ever-popular collage work featuring a variety of flowers, patterns, and sometimes familiar faces.

Set as the ultimate pop up, IllVibe and John of The Royal American have joined forces to bring you a unique underground art experience for the adventurous art enthusiast.

For more information on Ill Vibe the Tribe visit their website  here.

Jun-30-17 8:00 pm - Jul-01-17 11:20 am