Halsey Talks: Sound Art

While museums and galleries typically deal with the visual, artists have experimented with sound in recent decades. Bringing new forms of art into these spaces, these artists shape how we experience art and our surroundings. Sound has been an important medium for investigations in art, ranging from performances by John Cage to installations by Susan Philipsz. In this Halsey Talks, we will explore whether sound art fits in traditional gallery spaces.
Halsey Talks are an ongoing series of roundtable discussions on intriguing concepts in art. While they may take advantage of exhibitions on view at the Halsey Institute, they are open-ended in nature. As a platform for a deeper understanding and discussion of fascinating ideas in art, Halsey Talks are open to all.

Sep-17-19 6:30 pm - Sep-17-19 7:30 pm
Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
Address: 161 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401