Flipturn & Whitehall: A Don’t Be Mean to People Show

$10 / 9PM!

Join us at The Royal American for a Don’t Be Mean to People sponsored show with flipturn + Whitehall with special guest Baby Yaga to celebrate Pride Week and fundraise for Alliance For Full Acceptance.

flipturn: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7FKTg75ADVMZgY3P9ZMRtH?si=ITt-kclBRh653eXf7s2xwQ
Whitehall: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7MJBivXsykJUNKMUKfKfgx?si=cx6H8MX8QMighEWQwxfTBA
Baby Yaga: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4FnPDukmrGGxK3BrQPoDAP?si=FCDd7aKFThGpHDxN4NDJHA

Don’t Be Mean to People, A Golden Rule Saison, was Ponysaurus Brewing Co.’s response to HB2 (otherwise known as the Bathroom Bill) in NC. Long story short, DBMTP beer sales have raised over $60,000 for Equality NC and an QORDS summer camp! Ponysaurus Brewing Co. has since begun hosting Don’t Be Mean to People events to gather people together to raise money and awareness about issues they believe in.

Sep-14-19 9:00 pm - Sep-15-19 12:00 am