Building an Uncatchable Lead: How Charleston, and its leaders, can win the future

We have a lot to be proud of, individually and as a three-county region, including a strong, diversified economic base with a global presence, a superb quality of life, a highly skilled workforce, and leadership that is both visionary and pragmatic.

From here, what is possible? What’s better? What’s next?

How can we, individually and together, develop our fullest capabilities of insight, energy, innovation, and accomplishment to win the future?

On November 13, high-performance business strategist Dr. Robert Cooper will help guide us toward answers to those crucial questions. For more than two-decades, he has helped top companies and communities around the world unlock their highest potential.

Nov-13-18 12:00 pm - Nov-13-18 2:00 pm
Trident Technical College
Address: 7000 Rivers Avenue | North Charleston