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Art Stars, Superstars, and Deathstars: Art in the Fame of Ray Johnson and Andy Warhol

A lecture by Ellen Levy

Ray Johnson and Andy Warhol were friends with much in common: both were pioneers of Pop Art and connoisseurs of fame, and they shared a special fascination with celebrity’s dark side. This talk by Ellen Levy, professor at Pratt Institute in New York City, traces the initially convergent but finally divergent paths of the two artists as they negotiated the worlds of stardom and superstardom, both in art and in life. Ellen Levy writes on the relations among the arts, especially poetry and visual art, particularly in mid-twentieth-century New York. She is currently working on a book about the career of artist Ray Johnson.

Nov-14-19 7:00 pm - Nov-14-19 8:00 pm
Mace Brown Museum of Natural History
Address: 202 Calhoun Street