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Film review: The Last Tree

“She’s not coming to take you away.” It’s a hollow promise. An 11-year-old black boy is snatched away from his white foster mom. The life he knew ripped out from under him. It causes a bitterness that lasts well into his teenage years in this thoughtfully and emotionally charged coming-of-age drama.  Writer/director Shola Amoo’s semi-autobiographical portrait recaptures…

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Struggle Seen in Belgium Over Racist Historical Statues

Some of the largest anti-racism protests in Europe have taken place in Belgium, the birthplace of King Léopold II, whose brutal rule of Congo from 1885 to 1908 caused an estimated 10 million Congolese deaths through murder, starvation and disease. This past week, close to 12,000 people gathered in central Brussels. They were targeting the…

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