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Noted Writer Confronts UK for Reparations Failures

Writer Afua Hirsch doesn’t shy away from difficult questions and recently wrote about one she posed to a British cabinet minister. “Why,” she asked the minister, “has England never apologized for the transatlantic slave trade?” Britain, she reminded him, had trafficked more enslaved Africans than almost any other nation. However, the most the European country…

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Former Liberian Leader Joins Panel Investigating The Global Response To COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s former president, and Helen Clark, New Zealand’s former prime minister, are to head a panel to review the global response to the Covid19 pandemic. Johnson Sirleaf and Clark will head the newly formed Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response. The announcement follows…

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Opposition To Prime Minister Swells After Murder Of Popular Protest Singer

Ethiopian protest singer and revered musician Hachalu Hundessa sang about love and unity, recalled his friend Amensisa Ifa, raising issues that many would not dare to raise. He addressed issues of marginalization – capturing the struggles and frustrations of his Oromo people who faced efforts by successive Ethiopian regimes to destroy the Oromoo language, exploit…

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Black Lives Matter Spurs More Changes In Africa

As Americans explore the renaming of army bases, statues, streets, and schools that honor racist slave-holders or portray demeaning relationships between whites and Black, Brown and Latinx citizens, similar efforts are underway in Senegal and Liberia most recently. Goree, an island in Senegal linked closely with slave trade, has decided to rename one of its…

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Claflin Receives Grant to Support Women Entrepreneurs in the United States and India

Claflin University was awarded a grant for nearly $75,000 to conduct research and develop training to enhance women’s entrepreneurship in family-owned businesses. The Partnership 2020: Leveraging US-India Cooperation in Higher Education to Harness Economic Opportunities and Innovation grant is a subaward from the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Center for Afghanistan Studies. The grant creates a partnership between…

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