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Marriage, Dating and Self-Love

Things Not to Discuss at the Dinner Table

By Victoria Rae Moore Dear Reader, They say to never discuss money, politics or religion at the dinner table. Well, last weekend I had dinner at a stranger’s house with seven people I’ve never met and we broke all of those rules. The meal was called a Transformation Table and it was inspired (in part)…

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How to Be a Better Lover

By Victoria Rae Moore Dear Reader, When it comes to loving, we could all use some improvement. Experiencing love is like having a glass of wine for the first time; there’s no other feeling like it and eventually, your tolerance gets higher. But love is more than a feeling. Alain de Botton says, “Love is…

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Love Thy Neighbor – Community Relationships

By Victoria Rae Moore Dear Reader, How well do you know your neighbors? We used to be able to easily define communities by neighborhoods. Who are the families living in the neighborhood? What businesses exist there? Who owns and works at those businesses? That was a community. I feel like right now, due in part…

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Whole Person

By Victoria Rae Moore Dear Reader, Imagine this scene; a woman gazing deeply into her lover’s eyes as she mutters the words, “I love you. I am nothing without you. You complete me.” Romantic, right? But what if that isn’t a good thing? There are challenges couples will inevitably face. Among these is the fact…

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Victoria’s Column: Marriage, Dating and Self-Love

Dear reader, Relationships are hard. They require mutual care and attention, selflessness and the ability to sacrifice. The past 18 months have been some of the hardest I’ve ever experienced. I gained a husband and lost someone else. I found God and, through that, am finding myself. I decided to start a column because at…

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