Tiny Tim at Auckland International airport last night.


"Ah, now I'm glad you asked me about these," said Tiny Tim, fingering the red spots high on his cheekbones.
    "They're both Dorothy Gray rouge, actually. All this flying about everywhere leaves one quite pallid, so I thought I'd just give myself a bit of colour."
    If there is anything Tiny Tim does not need it is artificial colour.
    Quite apart from his orange socks and shirt, shoulder length hair and fluorescent tie, Tiny Tim has probably brought more colour to the pop scene than all of psychedelia put together.
    Resting briefly between flights at Auckland International airport last night, he managed to show in just a few short minutes exactly how much a sense of humour counts on the entertainment scene nowadays.
    Twiddling with his hair and smiling coyly over his raincoat collar, he parried all jounalistic thrusts with sufficient ease to convince one that at least a tenth of his grandiose claims were true-that he is 46, that he takes a dozen or so showers every day, that he is the biggest thing to hit Auckland since Boystown.
    Pity he couldn't stay longer-he might have been persuaded to sing a Christmas carol.
    Tiny Tim (his real name is Herbert Kauhry) is said to be the son of a Manhattan Lebanese textile worker. He sings in a falsetto janzle, a style which is reported to have earned him about $1 million last year. He is best known for his versions of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips."

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