Tiny Tim May End Solo Club Act

Would it surprise you if Tiny Tim's bride, the former Vicki Budinger, becomes part of his nightclub act? The teaming of the Tinys is very much in the wind. When the chips are down, you have to go some to beat Mr. Tim as a showman, and that goes for his wedding on Johnny Carson's TV show with millions looking on.
    First, the bride will have to get a little professional training. Whether she has any talent is beside the point. Just standing around tending her bridegroom's tulips will be sufficient. Many customers will pay to get a look at the girl who married Tiny Tim.
    Florence Henderson, who sang at the TV wedding, says, "A lot of people were laughing at the wedding, but if you ask me, I think Tiny Tim is laughing to himself. Believe me, he knows what he is doing-and has made it pay off." When Florence isn't singing at weddings, she's starring in "The Brady Bunch" TV series at Paramount.

Friday, Jan. 9, 1970
Source: Los Angeles Herald-Examiner
Reproduced according to "Fair Use"

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