Tiny Tim Is Beautiful People

   Are you ready for Tiny Tim? He's quite an experience - unlike anyone else you're likely to meet, especially if your taste runs to more conservative things. Tiny is appearing at Sahara-Tahoe August 5-11.
    Tiny Tim is beautiful people. He's for real - but for real what is hard to say. To know Tiny is to love him. He's a gentle man with a love for mankind that literally radiates throughout his life.
    Tiny lives in Hollywood, in one of those plaster and glass flesh pads which cater to actors. One approaches his apartment via a sea of well-greased, sun-baked bodies - an entrance hardly designed prepare the eyes for Tiny's apartment. "The maids don't like me very much," is the way he puts it. Somehow one can sympathize with their plight-it would be hard to be Tiny Tim's maid. The apartment is clean - Tiny is a very clean-type person- but orderliness does not rate very high on his list of life's priorities.
    Wall-to-wall STUFF is the main decorating theme, accentte by several pieces of "Early Salvation Army" and about 4000 78 rpm record discs. Ancient records play constantly in the apartment, on inexpensive children's record players. Tiny keeps several on hand because the needles wear out so fast from continual use. "The dime store victrolas come closer to the low-fidelity of oldtime record players than anything else," he explains.
    HeLLOoooOOOooo," says he, clutching his one available shoe and splashing on liberal amounts of lilly-of-the-valley cologne. Conservation continues amid a frantic search for the missing footwear. Loosing a shoe is pretty serious busines to Tiny Tim - he only owns one pair at a time, and finding anything smaller than a Sherman Tank in that apartment has got to be a major project.
    All during the crisis search, Tiny's concern for those around him is evident. He asks after the health and happiness of friends and acquaintances, worries about the Astronauts and frets about keeping people waiting.
    A conversation with Tiny Tim is a revealing experience. His interests are endless - his memory for detail is incredible. He can give the 1928 batting lineup of the New York Yankees at a moment's notice, and most of their averages. It is this remarkable memory which makes Tiny Tim such a unique talent. With a repertoire reaching back to the earliest days of recorded music and a super-flexible vocal range, Tiny is able to reproduce songs from the "good old days" sounding almost exactly as they did when the original artists performed them. Tiny's initial appeal to the teeny-bopper set may be surpassed - by nostalgic senior citizens!
    As public interest in Tiny's eccentricities has been replaced by genuine interest in his talent, another contribution has emerged. The spectrum of "acceptability" has been broadened. Tiny Tim has set the music business on an ear it never knew it had - he's opened a lot of minds and unbound a lot of hearts. The goodness of this strange but wonderful man is something to behold. He's quite a guy, and well worth seeing.
    Appearing with Tiny Tim is comedian George Carlin, one of the best of the up and coming stand-ups. He's a tremendous talent in his own right, and should be headlining before too long.
    The June Taylor Dancers make their final appearance of the summer season with Tiny. Their engagement ends August 11, when they'll wing back to Miami Beach to begin another season with the "Jackie Gleason Show."
    It's been a super-sonic summer for "Gleason's Gorgeous Clams." They've been in top form, presenting exciting numbers as only they can.

SAHARA - TAHOE--Tiny Tim, George Carlin, June Taylor Dancers, Al Tronti Orch. Buckley & Collins, Tokyo Happy Coats, Jonah Jones, Deedy & Bill, Society of Seven (open Aug. 11)

AUGUST, 1969
Source: TAHOE
Reproduced according to "Fair Use"

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