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A Call for Help!

I need your help with two things.

First, I would love to receive any and all photos, clippings, memorabilia, stories, etc., that might be of use to this site.  I am especially looking for copies of the Tiny Tim Times

Second I want to alert you to a letter writing campaign to Warner Brothers regarding the re-release of Tiny's albums.

If you would like to encourage Warner Brothers to re-release Tiny's old albums, please write to:

Warner Brothers Records
Attention E.G
P.O. Box 6868
Burbank, CA 91510

A special e-mail address has also been set up for this purpose: .

Many of us feel that a perfect boxed set would include all three of his original Warner Brothers albums, plus the tape of Tiny's 1968 concert at the Albert Hall in England.   This concert included a full orchestra, directed by Richard Perry, and it turned out exceptionally well.  Warner Brothers owns the master tapes of the concert, but copies have gotten out somehow and excellent quality bootleg tapes and CD's are circulating.  Warner Brothers is missing out on some profits!  Your letter could help them see the light.  However, one thing that would probably change their minds would be if a major motion picture were made about Tiny.  This would be a blessing if it would show who Tiny really was and bring honor to God.  If it would not be done well, or would dishonor the Lord, then it would be better if it were not made.  Let us all pray for the right thing to happen!  Your prayers are appreciated.

Miss Sue

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We appreciate your feedback.

Copyright 1998, Susan Khaury

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