Listen Up Politicians. “It’s a New Day.”

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

America is now engaging itself for its reentry into the new phase of the reopening of its nationwide businesses, parks, etc., in the aftermath of the devastating COVID-19, or coronavirus pandemic crisis and the lingering psychological aftereffects of this disease upon the nation and the rest of the world. Many folk here in our country seemingly are still ill-at-ease about the political decisions to hurriedly return to what some feel is a rush too soon for comfort and getting back to the way things were or used to be.

Quite understandably, from a health safety point of view, this appears to be, in many polls, a very politically incorrect decision to engage in for some of “The American People” because this killer virus is still very much around and is about as deadly an invisible enemy as you will encounter. Many diverse ethnic folk ask why play political games with their and others’ lives when the disease is still so active and spreading in some major areas of the USA and rest of the world with stiletto frequency.

During this time of tremendous uncertainties galore, our nation and the rest of the globe watches, hopes and, I’m sure, prays that everything will return to some senses of normalcy pretty soon. The political decisions which are being made by the nation’s and world’s leaders affect every single living “hue-man” being’s existence on the planet called earth, so take heed.

That’s a lot of responsibility for these local, statewide and national politically elected public servants to make without feeling some sort of angst and dreads about many, if not all, of the decisions they have make concerning health concerns and safety precautions surrounding this coronavirus pandemic. Thinking of those dynamics makes me think of what it takes to be a real leader today in the purest sense of the world.

As a committed believer in the Creator Alone of everyone and everything in existence, I recognize that only the Most High Alone creates life and death everywhere. And, with that recognition being an absolute, indisputable fact, I know that we must not play with each tangible moment that’s given to us.

I don’t care what you believe in, which may even be contrary to my own faith tradition of believing in spiritual monotheism, you should know that no one can give or take life except the Creator Alone of the heavens, earth, sun, galaxies of space and everything else in existence. This should be a moot point to accept because we all should realize  that I’m talking about the Supreme Force Alone, who alone ushers in life and whisks away by death anyone, who He Alone chooses to do so at any given time, wherever it may occur and  irrespective of one’s gender, color or creed.

If you know what I’m revealing is true, then please remember what I saying too about leadership. It’s a disappearing act and a vanishing skill among some of the pseudo-elected folk who hold public offices today.

In so many instances, some of today’s “poly-trickstians” are deceptive lying manipulators, playing games with the uncaring, hoodwinked voting public, and others are, simply put, greedy self-indulged “tongue smiths,” with arbitrary role titles, doing absolutely nothing whatsoever for their local communities, general state and national constituents and the greater world-at large. “Listen Up Politicians. ‘It’s a New Day.’ “

When I see and hear about the current, meaningless political diatribes going on across the community, state, nation and the rest of the world airwaves, I shudder at what any of these political hustlers are really doing. I feel that way because, particularly in the minority communities where the marginally oppressed and the forgotten suppressed folk of color live, nothing ever gets done for them from one political year to the next.

With that “his-storical” awareness and crucial insight in mind, it’s no wonder why any intelligently perceptive voter of color would not ask of any “poly-tricksian,” oops, I mean, politician, “If you want my, and my community’s vote, what are you going to do for us?” The intelligent voter may also rightfully ask, ” What are the relevant agendas for the minority community that I can hold you, Mr. or Ms. Politician to be, accountable to implement for us, when (and if) you’re elected to whatever office you’ll be elected?”

These are crucial questions and times facing the forgotten and overlooked minority voters of this land, and, if you’re of color, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask some more vital questions. And those questions are—”Is this political year, in some ways, mere examples of the vintage types of politics born anew with conflicted messages and continued  nondescript promises, or are they the same antiquated archaic displays of good old boy “poly-tricks,” as usual?”

“Listen Up Politicians. ‘It’s a New day.’ ” You see, the aware political  minority communities of today’s needy must have effective and trustworthy officials who will do what’s right for them in order to provide the locales, states, nation and the rest of the world with quality leadership. That’s a quintessential reality that’s sadly missing in many ethnically challenged and religiously diverse global hotspots everywhere, including in our very own country and elsewhere in other deprived areas of the universe.

Finally, that  brings me to where my thoughts are now about the importance of what makes the need for real leadership in our communities so necessary, and what it is all about. I’ll conclude with some solid food for thought gems from the wisdom of some great folks’ minds. Read them carefully and see if they will aid you and your vote  in choosing souls who will encompass bringing about a more constructive world for you, your community, state, nation and world. They gems are as follows:

Nobel laureate and civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, ” The white establishment is skilled in flattering and cultivating emergency leaders. It presses its own image on them, and finally, from imitation of manners, dress, and style of living, a deeper strain of corruption develops. This kind of Negro leader acquires the white man’s contempt for the ordinary Negro…. Ultimately, he changes from the representative of the Negro to the white man’s representative to the Negro.”

Law professor Lani Guinier once uttered, “We’re looking for moral leadership. We’re looking for a president who’s not afraid to talk about race in a public forum. The entire country is running from this problem.”

Philosopher, scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West, related, ” We need leaders—neither saints nor sparkling television personalities—who can situate themselves within a larger historical narrative of this country and our world, who can grasp the complex dynamics of our people hood and imagine a future grounded in the best of our past, yet who are attuned to the frightening obstacles that now perplex us.”

Civil rights activist Claudette Colvin related, “Our leadership is just we ourselves.”

Minister Lou’s Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader, poignantly declared, “Most of our leaders are picked by the very enemy we are trying to get free of. Our leaders are not connected to the black masses.”

Politician Shirley Chisholm said, “Far too often we become cowards when faced with with individuals who have strong leadership abilities, individuals who often do not want social revolution as much as they want personal power.”

Civil rights activist Bob Moses offered, “The leadership is there. If you go out and work with your people, then the leadership will emerge.”

“Enough said,” is where I’ll end my vibes for today. I guess you could say that overriding consensus is clearly— “Listen Up Politicians. ‘It’s a New Day.’ ” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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  1. Roderick Brown on June 8, 2020 at 10:40 pm

    Great writing, I concur with all you said. I’m older now but this is no surprise to me. No leadership because WE don’t want a man or woman to tell the truth about what we’re going through, been through, and dying to survive. They make a law to break a law then create another law to be acquitted of that crime under the new law. Massive continuously abusing The People or does the People knowingly accept these abuses?🤷🏾‍♂️

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