Wednesday, February 19, 2014  
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Assignment: Checking into Reality
9/18/2013 11:55:02 AM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

Today’s article is going to require that you give some pensive thought time to what I’m going to say. I don’t know what time it is where you live, but just in case you don’t know it by now, time, as we know it, is running out on us as you read this article.

Each moment in a “colored” soul’s life is a spiritually valuable blessing from God Alone, but the next one is not a promised given. That factor alone has me thinking about the serious realities of cherishing each moment that comes my way.

I’m sure you’ll ditto that emotion also with no rebuttal offered. Life’s moments are merciful, fragile, tender and precious gifts from the Creator Alone, so please give thanks immediately, if you don’t already.

Sometimes, many of us in “hue-manity” take that reality as a blasé, comic story, and we may not give spiritual thought to how prized each moment in this phase of living is. I do, and I guess that’s why my realistic thoughts are telling me to drop a few poignant things for you and me to consider and to possibly digest as we, hopefully, trod into the next moment in time.

I guess that you could call my piece for today simply “Assignment: Checking into Reality,” because that’s exactly what I’m implying in my carefully thought of message for today. It’s about stepping up to the plate of spiritual awareness and looking at ourselves, for better or worse, to see if we are the very best “colored” folk that we can be.

Optimistically, after reading my words and thoughts, you’ll be better off than you were before you began reading “Assignment: Checking into Reality.”

It’s really all about you and me looking more closely at our present-day lifestyles and ever-changing mind-sets to determine, without ridicule or condemnation, to see whether we are (?) the very best people we can or should be.

That’s a pretty dubious question for most ethnic “colored” folk of the universe to decode and evaluate about one’s indecisive self, especially if he or she is only caught up blindly into themselves.

That, oftentimes, happens when one is vicariously orbiting in the infamous “me, myself and I” zones of self that seems to be so prevalent in much of today’s magnetic worlds of materialism and commercialism.

Sadly, that’s what many abstract, indecisive minded “colored” souls do as they languish in a fantasy world of unrealistic personas trying to be someone who they are not. In a sense it’s like inwardly hating yourself while outwardly portraying an example of a lost soul, if you can read through my objective opinion with a sentient mind.

I think you can, because “the truth is the light,” and it has been said many times in the past that it (truth) will set you free.

Maybe, “Assignment: Checking into Reality” is talking about all Black and other oppressed people of color’s need to be look realistically at the nature of what being free “really” is about.

Some ethnic folk in the world understand this, even with wanton discrimination heaped upon them, and others, who claim to be free, are really living a charade standard of living while existing in a pastime plantation of continual mis-education.

To have no initial knowledge of the “truth” about one’s self and original heritage is not a crime. The crime lies in not wanting to know the truth, and therein rests the seeds of uninterrupted ignorance, keeping that ethnic “colored” soul forever lost in his/her own mis-educational cultural oblivion and languishing in an imposing spiritual abyss.

Being free of mis-educational and indoctrinated programs of orientations in a systematized world of conflicted examples of freedom, justice and equality for all requires dutiful attention to the task at hand. To understand that fully is an important function of the “Checking into Reality” phase.

It’s all about getting busy and deciding to learn to love who you are without laxity and self-hatred. It should start with acquiring the accurate knowledge and love of God Alone, and that should be the first task, or assignment, in following through with the “Checking into Reality” process.

To look inwardly with a love of who God Alone is and why He (Alone) created you to be who you are is a daunting task for some of us.

I need not explain that any further to you by saying, without malice, just take a look around you and our collective worlds of existences with your mind and eyes open at the way some of look and carry ourselves.

Some of us who call ourselves knowledgeable soulful “colored” folk need to self-check ourselves at the doors of spiritual understanding and mental correctness. I believe that more than a few of us need to look at ourselves rather closely before we leave our residences in the morning prepared to face the world.

Again, I say that some of us need some serious help to ascertain where we’re going or where we came from. I solemnly ask, “Are some of us that lost that we have to portray ourselves looking and acting like made-up imaginary characters, who we were not created to be or to look like in almost caricature demeanor?”

Before you answer, please don’t use the woeful excuse that this is the 21st Century and we want and need to be hip and modern like everyone else. I don’t think we need that and, for example, sagging pants and wearing someone’s else false hair are not acceptable excuses for thinking or acting like proud Black natural-minded “colored” folk of consciousness. (Amen!)

Oops! Did I hear you possibly say something that may have stirred a sense of anger or disdain in your mental stratospheres of thinking? Good.

As I said before this is serious thought-talk for today, and it’s an “Assignment” that requires you, me and the rest of Afro-America to “Check into Reality” as we approach solving some of the ills that are destroying us from within our individual selves and from without in our families, homes and communities.

My thoughts of today are only meant to challenge you, mentally and spiritually speaking, to be aware that Black America, as an ethnic communal unit, is hurting. We need to “Check into Reality” about this issue before it’s too late.

Remember that a mind is a terrible to lose. Please think about that and also remember that the very next one after this is not promised to you. Those are your “reality assignments” for today. Go do your homework. What time is it? The time is now. Happy thoughts and that’s, “As I See It.”

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