Monday, September 16, 2013  
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College Football Bowl Game in Charleston
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A Thought About Where We’re At
6/19/2013 1:04:06 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Thinking about the condition of the overall masses of the world’s people of color is a very subjective and hectic ordeal. It necessitates fixated mental work on the part of any advanced thinker of consciousness, especially if you’re a descendant of yesteryear’s “his-storical” enslaved souls. 

This procedure requires a spiritually convinced mind-set and a realistic look at the political fairness of what we really call the one world egalitarian ideal of living standard that is being brokered here, there and everywhere. I’m warning you now, ahead of your own possible inner confusion, “don’t get lost in the pursuit of truthful inquiry.” 

Some of today’s Generation X “hue-mans” find themselves floating in a special orbit of unknown idealisms when dealing with sensitive thinking issues about discrimination and bias are at hand. I guess for them, it’s easier to follow the game of being mis-educationally deceived than to actively to investigate who they “our-storically” are. 

I wonder, in many acute instances, as I see the days turn into revolving weeks and into months of continuous cultural neglect, what we as Afro-Americans, in particular, are doing to instill in our selectively concerned masses the realities of “our” inimitable heritage? That’s a prideful lingering question of intrigue for me in my head, heart and soul. 

Maybe, as you view my present personal concern, you could call my thoughtful query depressing in certain ways of looking at the global economic, sociological and health conditions of most of the world’s people of color. It’s abysmal and disheartening if you ask me. 

Sadly, most international people of color are catching pure “D” hell by any standard of equality or concept of moral rightness you could use as a basis of judging. I’m a brother of color, who stands by that assessment, with a stated commitment to trying to make the world’s unenlightened readership aware that global Black misery, again, in particular, is very much in existence. 

From Africa to South America to, yes, even the beautiful and idyllic postcard tranquil islands of the Caribbean, Black inhabitants of these locales are overwhelming catching the aforementioned hell big time, just like so many of their undocumented American “brothas” and “sistahs” . Are you aware of this, or do think the majority of Afro-Blacks live only in the faux reality (?) shows from Atlanta? 

The global Black world of today is inclusively larger and more strategically impactful than where we live in the United States. Some unacquainted “colored” folk in America can’t relate to anything or anyone but someone from their own cities, states or “hoods.” 

It’s so obvious in many subdivisions of “colored” Black America where, e. g., you see everywhere from gang colors to skin hues to what fraternity/sorority you belong to signifying who you or they are. It’s as real as stripes on a lollypop, and there’s so much more than that that pathetically adds to further separations and self-hatreds that openly exist amongst some of us. 

I hope that it doesn’t apply to you, but if it does, then remember that if you’re part of the problem of self-hatred, it has to follow that you’re also part of why there’s no solution to “our” unity. I’m not accusing you of anything so severe, but we must look at rock-solid solutions to bring us together before another ebony mind is lost to ill-bred frivolities and malicious mayhem in the various ethnic “hoods” of this potentially great country. 

We all, as featured “colored” Americans, must stand up for the inherent beautifully inscribed words of equality for all, including the Black, Brown, White, Red and Yellow citizenry. Let’s make America safe and wholesome for everyone by destroying the clandestine ilk of prejudice that surely exists in the corridors of “poly-tricks,” education, housing and employment, etc. 

This realization is truth to the bone in the urbane realities of America’s and the rest of the world’s so-called minorities’ less than glamorous lifestyles. Their worlds of survivals aren’t clouded in some far off special cavern, but rather right here on Mother Earth.

We, “hue-mans” of all ethnicities, have to understand that prejudice is a death knoll to the widespread standard of a viable and livable democracy. “Our” duo collective political leaders of intrigues must understand this and be held accountable for their “poly-tricks,” both for and against us. Think about that for a stone, cold moment in time, and tell me what your immediate responses are. 

I ask you to do that because subliminal denials that racism and bigotry don’t exist are oftentimes swept under the radar of today’s political consciousness by cosmetic clichés of verbal niceties and legal haziness cannot be tolerated anymore. The so-called American People deserve the very best in everything. 

Don’t you agree? I’m sure that you do. We, as a African descendant people, who call America home, must strive for the spiritual ideals of global peace and prosperity for all, no matter what ethnicity or belief they share. 

For those of us living in the U.S.A., America is where we can make it happen and it starts where you are as you reading this article. Let’s galvanize our understanding that we got to roll up “our” sleeves and get busy in promoting a better understanding of who and what we are about. 

Remember, that you (and anyone else) must learn to love yourselves first before you can learn to love others equally. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.” 

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