Love for All is a Feeling Worth Initiating

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

The world we live in today is full of all sorts of political twists, racial dilemmas and numerous secret prejudicial agendas. I don’t think any reasonable, clear thinking American ethnic soul in “hue-manity” can, or would, deny that.

I’m a concerned American brother of color, and that’s a pretty real scenario for many other folk who look like me, who also realize that something is still terribly wrong in this nation and a serious change is needed. That shouldn’t be hard to argue with because so many “other” concerned ethnic folk are also beginning to wonder when is equality going to be applied to them  when they know all-too-well that hidden racism still exists in the alleged home of the free and the land of the brave.

I believe that these same anxious souls feel that way because they wished that “the” other so-called patriotic ethnic Americans felt equally for them and their rights as citizens the same way that they feel for their own ethnic or religious groupings, and if they did, then that would really add spice and real meaning to the ballyhooed phrase “The American People,” whoever they really, really are, while candidly asking, “Where do they live?”

While on that inquisitive theme of who are “The American People, I’m feeling a vibe now to bravely ask, “Is that a racially exclusive or politically inclusively selective grouping?” Sometimes, I wonder about that as an intelligent soul of color having to ask that at this time because America’s political talk of equality and justice for all is something I’m still waiting to see come to fruition after so many unfilled bureaucratic escapades.

Do you see and feel the quagmire in what I said, or do you think I’m out of my request element for thinking in that vein?

While you ponder that intriguing question, I’d like you think of the words “ ‘hue-manistic’ love” and its follow up application called “practice.” I think that “The American People” and the rest of the world truly is in need of mutual love for all in a very plentiful supply. Do you agree?

If you’ve read my articles for a good while, you know that I recall and reference some of my late mother’s words, thoughts and spiritual observations from time-to-time because she taught me with those flows of wisdom before she died more than thirty-years-ago. Her wisdom has been an inspiration for me when difficult times have arisen in my life.

On the topic of love, my mother a devoted Christian believer, would say, “My son, as an African-American living in this racially divided nation, you have to take the higher spiritual road to attain inner peaceful stability and guidance in in order to be able to survive without falling prey to the whims of Satan. You must a steadfast fighter for putting the love of God first in your life, and then you’ll see that you’ll make it up the rough side of the mountain.”

My mother, an honored and much-respected school teacher, felt and practiced a fondness philosophy that was based on her apparent understanding that real “hue-man” love isn’t based on words alone, but it must be accompanied by relentless actions and faithful dedication to implementing the core of that very word. She taught me and countless others that wisdom because she believed that hatred for anyone was valuable time wasted in a nonproductive activity.

Whether you understand what my mother said or felt fully, I ask, “Can you feel a little something, something about where she was coming from?” Please take time to go back, reread what she said, and then try to really comprehend her sentiments, no matter if you are a believer in her belief system or not, because “Love for All is a Feeling Worth Initiating.”

In many ways, the hatreds that surrounds the bigoted mindsets of some  abstract-minded, lost, ignorant and misguided racist haters of some of the Creator  Alone’s “hue-man” creations are very visible everywhere we seem to turn today. We can’t hide from it because racism does exists, even if some may want to pretend that it doesn’t.

That enormity makes me realize that in order to make our nation and the rest of the world a better place to live for all, like my mother taught, is that I, first, have to be a lover and a respecter of others. I have to practice that even though there maybe some folk who may not look culturally like me or even some who may disagree with me in some norms, including religion, politics, etc.

“It’s life,” if you ask me, and even with that being a given, the sheer beauty in realizing that living here in America is to know that our nation’s sordid and unique diversity is by the Creator Alone’s allowance. So, we all, including  you, me and others, must work towards realizing that love for all should be doable practice now.

Some folk hate others for no other reason(s) that they are blindly following closeted political bigoted fools and spaced out prejudiced pundits whose only jobs are to proliferate division, racism and classism through conquer and divide rhetoric, and you know who and what I’m referring to and saying.

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, a revered Muslim activist and commonly known to the general masses as Malcolm X, once said, “If a white man puts his arm around me voluntarily, that’s brotherhood. But if you hold a gun on him and make him embrace me and pretend to be friendly or brotherly toward me, then that’s not brotherhood—that’s hypocrisy.” Do you understand what this great Islamic leader and orator meant by that?

Again, I ask you to think about what Brother Malcolm said as you scope that the real America of today is still not the land of real love and equality for all. I, most directly offer that knowing full well that what I said is not a vague, or biased, hypothesis on my part.

“The American People” in many ways are living on promises tossed to the political winds of “the same old, same old” ancient, disguised political actions and practices of “do nothingness” towards and for all its minority citizenry. It’s the bold in your face truthful reality, and I know some folk would rather that I not speak truth to so-call power, but take it or leave it, that’s, “As I See It.”

Mediate on/over that for a short moment as I’d like to also remind you to consider what another one of the most respected heroes of the Afro-American culture said about love (for all). His name was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  and he once related that, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

Dr. King was the quintessential spiritual man of Christianity, who definitely expressed love for all in his words and life. So, I have to understand where he was coming from in his words and actions because he believed that “Love for all is a Feeling Worth Initiating.”

In closing, I’ll leave you with another quote from Dr. King. He said in one of his more scintillating quotes, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Do you agree? If so, then start initiating the love for all practice now.

Help bring and spread the unifying positive love our nation’s need to heal itself before it’s too late. America and the rest of the world is waiting for my, your and others’ concerted efforts in making this world a better place for all. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”




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