Poor People For Justice Get Shut Out

I previously said that the mayoral administration, who at that time was led by Joseph P. Riley, did not work for the poor people of Charleston. I stated that they worked for the rich, and in saying that, I got into disfavor with the city.

Well 12 years later, the City Council and our new Mayor, John Tecklenburg, and the City Councilman Michael Seekings of the 8th District certified what I said before. And they did it in a most ugly manner.

We had poor people sitting orderly, waiting to be heard after signing a “get your turn” sheet saying where you live and what you want to say to your city.

They waited some four and a half hours and got told that they had to wait until after the people with the money spoke, so they left and never were able to voice their concerns. It was after 10 PM in the month The Constitution was signed, the month of July.

Shame, shame on the local government, who just said that they apologize for what part they played in housing the slaves.

The actions of the Mayor and City Council on July 17, 2018, led by Councilman Seekings of the 8th District, was not an act of democracy. It was the act of a monarchy; in layman terms, a dictator. You have the proof in your hands.

Like I said 12 years ago, the City of Charleston doesn’t work for the poor. The administration and City Council work for the people with the money.

Submitted by Mohammed Idris, Poor People For Justice

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