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Being a Conscious Thinker
7/24/2013 12:57:04 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

I meet a lot of “hue-mans” in my day-to-day activities, many of whom are sincere and, others, let’s say, for lack of another more subtle description, are as phony as a three dollar bill. I guess you can’t help but call it as you see it. “It is what it is” as I often assert and see with astonishing regularity in my worlds of existences. 

Well, on the more affirmative side of what I just said, the other day I met a very Afro-centered young brother who was a satisfying joy to meet and listen to. He was simply very conscious.

It’s not often that you come in contact with young, truly conscious young folk, who have an “old soul” reverential essence about them. This young brother did. 

He also seemed to be a “thinking” sort, in that, he expressed his affecting opinions and thoughts about topics with clear insight and wisdom. We talked about many things that’s happening in the global Afro-world from the recent Trayvon Martin verdict to the rampant unemployment in America’s inner city ethnic communities to hunger in Haiti. 

It seemed as though in our discussions, he also took the time to listen carefully to what I was saying to him about these subjects and other points of view that I shared with him, particularly those about the origins of slavery engrossing people of color and the truth about religious myths, etc. This young man was (and is) sharp in more ways than one. 

Stating that he was a regular reader “The Chronicle” for many years while was a student at South Carolina State University, he said I tended to make think (deeply) about life from many different aspects of reality. This challenged me to say something to this sentient young and future lion in the struggle for Black empowerment about “Being a Conscious Thinker.” 

This is a very personal theme with me because I believe it begins with our thoughts. Listen carefully as you read further, because if you skim over what I’m about to relate to you, you’ll miss the quintessence of what I told the young brother. 

I told him, “Thoughts are what happen when your brain gets busy. Also, thoughts are the servants of destiny sent out by your mind to shape and complete deeds or tasks you dreamed of doing.” 

I think that you must feed your thoughts with right provisional ammunition or food. That’s what I emphasized to the young Afro brother, and I respectfully suggest it for anyone else, regardless of their ethnicity or religious leaning. 

In my head, thoughts are never inherited. They are solely our own, uniquely individual to us who originated them in the backs of our minds. Does that make sense to you? 

I’m pretty sure that it does because thoughts are, as I always say in my columns, are synonymous to actions, meaning you are what you are. “Life is a teacher like no other,” I related to the brother.

I went on to say to the responsive Afro brother that he’s responsible for his thoughts, so he should tenderly guard, organize and exercise them and take care of them with zeal. (Do you do this?) 

In today’s politically incorrect world of conflicting ethics and twisted “dipsy-doodle” lifestyles, we must work extra hard and remain diligent in trying to maintain that our precious thoughts are wholesome and clean. That conscious task is a monumental work unto itself. I was once taught by one of my spiritual teachers that thoughts are the master architects of fate. They are potentially the builders of great things if we use them correctly. 

My instructor said that as sure as and as plain as the chisel in the hands of the sculptor leaves the lines and form of the finished stature or piece of artwork, so do our thoughts cut and shape and develops our character or nature. Again, need I say to please remember that “thoughts are synonymous to actions and you become what you think you are in your thoughts and mind.” 

I told my young Afro friend that I’m an eternal seeker of truth. And being in that constant mode helps me understand that thoughts are messengers of events, so we all must continually feed our thoughts with right mental foodstuff. 

The Afro brother said during our illuminated discourse that sometimes felt he betrayed by the negativity of some folk’s thinking and actions. I told him that’s life also, but he should never lose scope of why he’s here by God Alone’s permission, and that’s to train and organize his thoughts to recognize that only the Creator Alone is warrant of worship—and nothing or no one else is or should be. Many so-called conscious “colored” folk forget that as they tackle or deal with another trial or test in life. I don’t, and I hope that you don’t either. 

Be God Alone conscious. I try to always remind myself and others, if they’ll listen, that God is not a “hue-man” being. Believe what you want, but in the long-story-short of things, “There’s no God but God Alone and no one created The Creator.” 

That conscious reality is fact, and we must learn to put our priorities of daily existence to and with God Alone first. Give the Most High Alone. When we do that our discernment of life’s trials and tests will flow a little better as we strive to handle another of life panoramic episodes. 

In consciously focusing on God Alone, we somehow must guard our thoughts for the better because it’s the Most Alone who we or should be attempting to please. We’re all “hue-man” beings and not one of us is born without an an innate ability to commit sin.

Life is full of stress. Always feed your thoughts with positive energy and travel in the awesomeness of being in your God Alone consciousness. Guard you thoughts, because they will become your most cherished and personal companions. 

I relayed this to my young Afro brother and I warned him that if he didn’t use them properly, they’ll betray surely him. The same goes for me and you.

We are all “hue-mans” and we tend to make errors of judgments by the daily dozens in our diurnal comings and goings. So, beware that being conscious is not a one-stop effort. It’s a fulltime wide awake occupation, and that’s, “As I See It.” 

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