Friday, October 7, 2005


(Jackson, Miss.) – Governor Haley Barbour has signed 10 bills into law during a Special Session focused on urgent state needs due to Hurricane Katrina.

“These bills are necessary in our recovery and rebuilding efforts,” Governor Barbour said. “It’s important that state entities have flexibility because of the extreme circumstances surrounding this storm.”

His Call summoning lawmakers into a Special Session on September 27 included several bills to allow local and state governments and school districts to function, on an emergency basis, extended deadlines and gave state agencies and local government’s flexibility.

The bills included:
• Senate Bill 2002 – grants emergency powers to school boards regarding timber damaged by the hurricane on sixteenth-section school land;
• Senate Bill 2009 – allows local governments to relocate from permanent location in an emergency;
• Senate Bill 2012 – authorizes the State Board of Education to excuse any school district with an extreme financial situation caused by the hurricane to be exempt from accreditation standards;
• Senate Bill 2013 – authorizes the State Superintendent of Education to appoint a financial adviser for affected school districts;
• Senate Bill 2016 – grants local government entities the authority to pay employees unable to work as a result of storm damages;
• Senate Bill 2023 – allows Harrison County utility district to acquire works and facilities by lease-purchase transaction or design-build contracts;
• House Bill 5 – extend statutes of limitations for certain causes of action;
• House Bill 13 – allows the Tax Commission to grant time extensions for filing certain income tax returns;
• House Bill 22 – establishes the Office of Disaster Assistance Coordination, within the Governor’s Office to coordinate federal information, programs and assistance to state and local governments that are not FEMA-related; and
• House Bill 46 – revises the definition of cruise vessel and vessel per the Gaming bills.




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