Sunday, January 26, 2014  
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Happy “Afro-Family” New Year
1/9/2014 10:46:38 AM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It’s now 2014. The new Gregorian year has begun, and I belatedly wish you and all those who are near and dear to you the very best today. Of course, that extends to you and them for the remainder of the calendar year also.

The chaotic and sometimes dysfunctional mis-educational world of today has changed so much from last year, especially if you’re an aware person of color. Time is galloping along at more than a burnt out snail’s pace.

In this present moment in time, I’d like to focus on a subject that may have been a (somewhat) neglected topic of concern for many disillusioned “colored” folk during the previous year. That topic is the importance of the” Afro-Family” in our local and national communities.

I know that some “colored” folk in the bald eagle’s domain are blessed to have an immediate connect to a significant stellar family unit and are truly blessed to be part of such an all-inclusive and, confidently, tight familial structure. That’s an endowment from the Most High Alone in more ways than one. May the Creator Alone bless them.

On the flip side of that equation, sadly, there are large segments of today’s ebony worldwide global societies who are deprived of that secure, loving and privileged feeling. They struggle to maintain a spirit of wholesomeness and being a part of a grouping identified as an “Afro-Family” unit.

I use the term “Afro-Family” unit because, “As I See It,” to the thinking and reflective African-American, the term should not be used glibly in speech unless it’s really understood and felt with intensity and lucidity. It’s not a term to be played with as contemporary loose-lipped frivolity.

The “Afro-American Family” unit, again, in my view, should have more import than just mere ties to and through utterances of the lips or a dismissive link through blood lines or marriage. The justifiable family concept is an inherent universal assemblage of special “colored” folk, no matter the ethnicity, that symbolizes collective kinfolk togetherness through understanding who they are and who were their ancestors were.

Once more, as I look at the inclusive “colored” worlds of today, I see successes in life by the countless numbers where some ethnic families of the universe have made their family surnames institutions and legacies of prominence. Give that sentiment a cool, stone thought and now be prepared for what I’m going to solicit next.

Can you rattle off a few celebrated “Afro-Family” names, outside of your own, if you thought hard enough, who’ve made the word together register with the world-at-large? As you prepare your responses, please don’t forget your family’s ancestral name and place in that pantheon of importance. That’s essential.

I don’t think that you have to be an ultra famous “Afro-Family” celebrant or member to recognize that your very own family and clan are worthy, righteous and important and should be added to that list. If you’re of color, respectfully, remember also that all of the shades of Blackness are Beautiful too. (Never forget that.) I don’t.

Some of the aware African-Americans of this country understand the value of remaining and being close to the commonality of the “Afro-Family” grouping and concept. This is an interconnected and imperative point to envision, comprehend and enjoy because it bonds these individuals to a central relationship unit of focus and to a unified purposeful sense of belonging.

All of the ethnic “colored” folk of “hue-manity’s” families are valuable and are to be respected. I believe that the “Afro-American Family” unit and all other God Alone created beings’ family entities are vital to the survival structure of the conceptualization
of what a “hue-man’s” family is supposed to be about.

Family is a generational unifying tool of “hue-man” inherited durability. I don’t care if it’s your grandparents, parents, children, nieces, nephews or cousins, all of these “hue-man” segments, male or female, are all integral parts of the so-called “hue-man” family concept. Do you feel where I’m coming from and what I’m alluding to?

I hope so. Furthermore, I also believe that anyone in any of “hue-manty’s” various ethnic ancestral groupings, within themselves, share commonsensical characteristic values of decency and nobility with the other branches of the “hue-man” family. Those universal qualities are characteristics that embrace love, pride, appreciation, honor and respect for each other’s familial origin, including their own.

Unfortunately, there are some “inhue-man” family members of creation, who chose to live outside of the “hue-man” kin concepts, because some other member of the family grouping didn’t treat him or her in reverent mannerisms befitting a king, queen, prince or princess. That’s a part of life.

When that occurs, it’s no wonder that attitudes of negativities and misunderstanding abound and satanic chaos takes hold and spreads, even within the so-called “Afro-Family,” like some malignant, cancerous viruses on a secret mission to kill and destroy family unity from within.

If you’re brutally honest with yourself, like I’m with myself, some of our family members are not on the same pages of love and respect, etc. Negativity, jealously, envy, deceit and a whole lot more could be the roots of some of this slight of mind nemesis which does potentially lethal damage to the “Afro-American” or any other family unit than we may want to admit.

In spite of these challenges to anyone’s family unity, here’s a suggestion. Keep your head on right because, in the long run of life’s daily phenomena, if you don’t keep your head and heart aright, pessimism will devour the best of “hue-mans,” if they let it. Do you still feel me?

I trust that you do and, if you are there, then there’s room and hope for the rest of us, because the next step up from respect for your immediate family is the greater respect for the entire “hue-man” family. Wouldn’t that be simply marvelous?

Hopefully, I believe that you do agree with me on that. The very souls of all of God Alone’s created “hue-manity” are too valuable entities to throw away due to ignorance of idiotic conceit.

That concept brings a poignant thought to my mind that says “A mind is a terrible thing to waste and so is the family.” Again, is this too personal for you or anyone else in “hue-manity” to understand? If not, then you and I are off to a great start for today in observing this special day in beginning this new day and new year.

There’s much work to be done in the African-American communities particularly in rebuilding many sectors of our somewhat tattered lives and unstable family structures. Let’s get busy in doing our parts in establishing our share in building what the “Afro-Family” unity is all about for all of us to see, feel, respect and experience.

Happy “Afro-Family” New Year! Here’s to sincerely wishing you love, peace and unity in the future days ahead for you and “your” family, and for today and the rest of the year, that’s, “As I See It.”

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