Saturday, January 28, 2017  
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North Charleston Police
Do you think that the North Charleston Police Department has taken appropriate steps towards reform a year after the Walter Scott shooting?
Precious Moments
1/25/2017 3:06:24 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Today is a special celebration for me, and I believe that it should be for you also. It’s a day that has significant meaning to me, and I’d like to tell you why, if you’d just take a few moments and follow my flow.

I was thinking how favored that you and I are to be in the here and now and to be able to witness this divine courtesy that has been extended to us by God Alone. We, along with countless other aware spiritual souls of “hue-manity,” are blessed in more ways than one to be alive, no matter what our peculiar circumstances, situations or statuses may be.

That is enough for me to proclaim that each moment in time is so very, very special in my realm of understanding. I offer that because life in all of its facets is a unique voyage to the real inner understanding of what a unique courtesy God Alone has given us in experiencing this “Precious Moment.”

Sometimes, some of us in “hue-manity” forget that life is a precious and privileged testing expanse in which we are to solely praise the Creator Alone of everything and everyone. That really doesn’t require much effort if you know that “life is what it is.”

I say that because the living experience is something noteworthy for all of us to do some beneficent things for self and others. And please don’t forget that being at peace in a world gone bizarrely mad at times is still the example for any sane soul of the universe trying to avoid, hatreds, disharmony, mischief and chaos.
It may sound pedestrian but I believe in the overall goodness of “hue-manity,” and that charge makes me inherently feel that we in a world of distinctly different ethnicities can recognize and respect the beauty of every ethnic soul’s unique individual creation.

Living in the here and now with reverence towards your fellow citizenry’s and the rest of the world’s “hue-manness” is a work in progress for many “colored” souls. No one is excluded from this group of the universe’s collective souls, and I do mean no one.

No matter whether you’re so-called Red, Tan, White, Yellow, Peach, Black, Brown, or somewhere in between, each breath we take is a gift from the Creator Alone to us all, so we should give thanks for that sensation. When you do that then you’ll know, like I do, that the importance of recognizing the “Precious Moments” in time must be done with the utmost spiritual direction.

When I think back at my own life’s trials and hurdles, and now moving forward, I can think of only praising God Alone, Who (Alone), brought me this far. I do that with a tremendous sense of admission and recollection because I know only the Creator Alone is the Most Forgiving force.

Some folk tend to forget that, and they become victims of their own invented self-doubts, regrets, distresses and miseries. We need to remember that “thoughts are synonymous” to actions, so please never forget that you or your fellow brother or sister of “hue-manity” is not perfect either.

We all are subject to error at times. Only God Alone is the (only) supreme force who is perfect and free from errors of any sort. So, if you’re always hard on yourself for every little thing, I suggest that you lighten up somewhat, or simply take it easy, and don’t put undue pressure on your mind, heart and moods.

Again, I must remind you that God Alone never makes errors or mistakes, and the Most High Alone has you here for a conclusive reason. Give thanks and cherish these “Precious Moments” because they are few and far between, and I hope that you know that you’re not assured the next one.

I suggest that you smile inwardly and celebrate life’s “Precious Moments” with joyous gusto. That’s what I’m doing now as I celebrate this occasion with you, hopefully, assuming that you’re doing that too while reading this. If you are, then you’re one of the special souls who know that this moment in time is a very special celebration unto itself.
We’ve all met with disappointments at times about how we’ve wasted so many “Precious Moments” in our lives with discontented activities and formless thoughts. That’s life whether you realize it or not, and I’ve come to understand that with clarity.

That’s why I’m in further appreciation of how merciful the Creator Alone has been to me in opening my mind’s eye in respecting the majesty of being in another moment in time. I truly that hope you understand what I just said, even, maybe, as you research your own sorted past with cognition, and not dread.

Don’t defeat yourself in the here and now with negative thinking dramas, many of which you have no control of. The past is just that and you can only control the present, while the future lurks somewhere in the distant stratosphere of uncertain unknowns.

Living each moment in time yields another opportunity to get to honor the Creator Alone and to know yourself and others in creation. Live life to the fullest and enjoy all of its “Precious Moments.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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