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A Soldier of Life’s Equipment
8/7/2013 1:47:48 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Life presents different challenges to all of us no matter what our ethnicity or gender may be. I sense that you don’t need me to tell you that. 

“Life is what it is,” and sometimes we need to remind each other of that reality. I believe that, by the way some of us act, there are some select “colored” folk, who simply don’t grasp that truism, and they allow misery to enter into their mental and psychological landscapes. 

I’m thinking about these “hue-mans” and others, and how we, in “hue-manity,” attempt to get rid of the unnecessary baggage and folk in our worlds of existences. Maybe, as you read further, you’ll agree with me that life is a road we must travel in order to get the very best out of the living experience. 

One of the greatest gifts of use in the bringing on of success in our lives is the ability to masterfully get rid of, or eliminate, things that have no value in our worlds of existences. It’s tedious process, so please listen closely. 

The ability to eliminate unwanted issues and “hue-mans” from our every thought, especially those that and who do not contribute to our overall well-being is a crucial step in action taking. That’s right, I said action taking. 

That action taking process involves us getting down to the nitty-gritty of handling troubling things that bother us from time-to-time, and it requires us to realize that it may be time to cut the dead wood from our lives. More correctly, I really should say that we should “eliminate” the dead wood from our present auras. 

I suppose that some of us literally carry a lot of unnecessary dead wood with us in our daily mental sojourns, and it can be a cumbersome load at times. Honestly, I know I’ve been there more than a few times or more in my sojourns through the peaks and valleys of living. 

I’m not trying to put anyone down, but rather, I’m only addressing to the realness of your comprehension because being depressed by having bad vibes about anything in your diurnal living arenas simply isn’t healthy in the least. Like I’ve said before, “been there, done that,” and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. 

I’d like you to fathom where I’m coming from this week, so imagine, if you can, that you’re a soldier of sort, traveling through the highways and byways of life. It shouldn’t be too hard of a stretch if you’ve been following my flow thus far. 

The soldier of life entering upon his or her long journey straps nothing on his or her back but the lightest equipment in order to move about swiftly and effectively. In doing this the soldier in life’s daily battles carries everything that’s necessary for him or her to be productive in fulfilling their stated day after day goal and task. Every (necessary) article that is carried on the soldier of life’s back is vital to the soldier’s mission and protection. 

A wise soldier in life never carries more than he or she really needs to get from one place to the other. In other words, they carry no dead wood. 

They don’t get taxed and vexed by being unprepared and frustrated by having negative “colored” folk around them as they move from point A to point B. They don’t fret, nor do they fume about miscellaneous issues and “hue-mans” in their pursuit of successful completion of their appointed missions or intended tasks. 

I believe that true, right-minded soldiers of life knows that life’s trials are merely tests, and they don’t let every little annoyances hold them back from accomplishing their missions or appointed tasks of the moment. They are focused beings of the present and the future, always looking ahead with positive optimism. 

True soldiers of life don’t focus on ineffective, mundane “colored” folk and other trivial things keep them from “TCBing,” if you know what I mean. They know that these happenings are not worth sweating the small stuff in their lives, because they march to a different beat of progressive understanding. 

Any unsought annoyances that flow into their paths are dealt with immediately. They eliminate them as they trod on down the roads of life or as they ascend the mountains of life that they are climbing. 

These soldiers in/of life are not quitters or campers in facing life’s unpredictable ordeals because they are perpetual climbers. They step to a different beat and march ahead of any and all obnoxious “colored” folk and mystifying circumstances, who and which enters their paths, because they will not allow themselves to carry any dead wood of any kind. 

Wise soldiers of life know that they can increase their psychological agilities and mental mobilities by carrying lighter, but necessary, equipment. Are you a soldier in life, and if you are, are carrying too much unnecessary baggage of any sort for your own psychological and mental well-being? 

Think about that for a while, and while you do that, you may want to eliminate a few unnecessary issues from the load that you’re carrying. I suggest that you may want to eliminate wasting time, harboring bitter thoughts about some folk who aren’t worth the sweat equity in doing so and, the biggest of all, worry. 

There are others, but please don’t sweat worry. That’s nothing but wasted energy, because most of the time the things you worry about—never come to pass. Don’t carry dead wood and worries with you. It’s a waste of time that only burdens your daily load.

True soldiers in/of life eliminate the negative and actuate the positive. For today and always, that’s, As I See It.”

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