Stepping Into Contentment

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Living in today’s turbulent and chaotic times is a very laborious experience and that’s putting it mildly. I offer that point with full understanding that many ethnic “hue-mans” go through life’s daily struggles with different disordered lenses of comprehension.

Today’s article is addressed to a very special young soul, who is no exception to the above. This soul, like me and you, has been dealing with some personal, nagging issues that have caused this individual’s life to be in an emotional uproar.

This confused soul stopped me last week and rapped about the disappointments after disappointments that were occurring in his life, and he uttered that he saw no relief in sight. Needless to say, he was perplexed and uptight to no ends.

As I listened to him with rapt attention, I knew that he was troubled by the life that he was apparently living. Upon hearing his outspoken angst with himself and life in general, I hesitated to whether I should say something to him.

For some unknown reason, and out of the blue, this confused young soul asked me what he could do because he was stuck in a rut and was in truly worthless relationship, along with having a dead end job. Talk about being put on the spot, I told him I didn’t have any advice for him, but if he did want my input, I’d share my heartfelt, honest suggestions.

I started off my telling him that he was being very impatiently hard on himself and that he more than likely was “caught up” in the taxing moments of the things that were overloading his thoughts and mind. As you read this carefully, you probably have been there a time or two in your very own worlds of existences, just like this young soul was presently in his.

The young soul also told me that he inwardly was feeling really depressed and he didn’t know what to be happy really was all about. This statement from him provoked me because I, too, understood how he felt, having been there before, and I said as much to him.

Seeming surprised, he said he couldn’t believe that because, to him, I was always very positive and upbeat whenever he saw me. To that I said, being real, honest and straight up with him, that I used to be unhappy at times, and I never took the time to figure out why, but I changed that by taking charge of and control of my thoughts about life.

He wanted me to further elaborate, and I most certainly did. I related to him that until I had gotten myself spiritually aligned with the Creator Alone’s master plan of how things occurred and worked in the real living experience, genuine inner tranquility and spiritual happiness were elusive realities for me as it is for most unaware souls of “hue-manity.”

Having apparently struck a nerve with the young soul with that last point, he said rather frankly that he wasn’t very religious. I, of course, respected what he said, but I asked him did he know what his purpose in life was and did he believe he was created to be miserable.

And I told him to think of who it was who created him and that I believed that he wasn’t created to be unhappy, and how it was (now) his choice to change his thought patterns to ones of being in a positive swing of things, as opposed to muddled ones. He politely asked me to explained further what I was inferring because he was slightly confused.

Understanding his then mental and spiritual malaise, I said to him that life is a cherished venue where we all were created to be at peace within our own souls and to be at peace with others. My next flow to him was that it’s all about one choosing to accept that reasoning or exist in an abject state of inner turmoil and unhappiness as so many diverse ethnic folk in the world do today.

I told the young soul that the Creator Alone, who’s in total control of everything in creation that He (Alone) created, never made an error or mistake in designing the living process for us, complete with all of the diurnal tests, trials and disappointments we may face. Please don’t rush past that last sentence because grasping it means you have a foothold towards making yourself happy.

Sometimes, life throws us some powerful stumbling blocks, hurdles and obstacles that we must endure and overcome, but we must know that it’s a struggle of the highest ilk to understand, comprehend and decipher this reality with clarity. It’s interpreting life in all of the stressful fast lanes of being tested and tried that we have to be aware of.

I additionally said to the young soul that the living process is forever a constant testing period and an ever-evolving challenging sphere where each and every moment of every single day is what we make it out to be. So, I’ll say to you, as I said to the young soul, that our “thoughts are synonymous to actions.”

I believe that with all my heart, body and soul, but I also believe that the Most High Alone is in control of the universe and beyond, but we have to take charge of our very thoughts. That process is a unique gift given to every soul by the Most High Alone to decide his or her own choices in life.

I think that some folk chose to be happy, no matter the tests before them; and others choose to be miserable, lonely, depressed and complaining all the time. I laid that before the young soul’s mind and told him that he must decide if he wishes to remain in an unhappy state of being or whether he prefers happiness and well-being.

I know that life is full of tests for all of us and, oftentimes, many of us forget that basic axiom without fully comprehending that the very nature of existence symbolizes that the living process is a constant struggle. That’s why I always tell one and all that “the greatest struggle (in life) is within one’s very own inner self.”
Finally, I reminded the young soul of that sentiment, and I also said that being content is an ongoing action, and it’s a coveted state of existence that requires our complete individual and concerted inputs. I believe wholeheartedly that the aura of contentment has the rare ability to squeeze out of every situation we face in life all the good that there is to get from any and all frustrating experiences.

In closing, an ancient Afrikan proverb states that “happiness can grow from only a little contentment.” Think about that as you sincerely remember that “to thine own self one must (forever) be true.” Always keep that in mind and, for today and always, that’s, “As I See it.”

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