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To Paris with Respect for All
11/18/2015 5:20:35 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

The ever-evolving world that we all live in is constantly being challenged by one thing or the other, many times in tragic and questionable norms of occurrences. The tender fragility of life is becoming a frightening uncertainty with each passing moment in time.

That stark reality hit me the other day after hearing of the murderous terror rampage in Paris, France. Needless to say, I was sadden by the sinister accounts of what occurred just like any of the sane minded and respectful souls of the universe probably felt.

Sometimes things happen out of nowhere, and it, or they, just leave you stupefied about what made someone do this or that and why did it happen. The Paris tragedy is one such event for me.

No matter what you may think or feel about that particular event, I feel that it should leave you in a reasonable state of thinking that something is wrong in the mind-sets of some of the world's politically confused ethnic and religious folk. I wonder deeply about what drives many folk to do what they do. Do you?

With no immediate answer to that piercing and penetrating question, which in itself is a continuing mental malaise, I'd like to offer an opinion, or two, why we must digest how fragile each God Alone given moment in time really is. It's precious and more valuable than gold to me. Think about that closely.

I believe that part of the myriad problems that we as "hue-mans" face in dealing with each other is the lack of respect we have towards each other. If it's not about one's so-called race, skin color, religion, gender, nationality, vocational status, or one's tribal ethnicity, for example, some folk in"hue-manity" invent inherited hatreds and means to carry out Satanic actions of wanton disrespect towards each other.

Racial oppressions, discriminations and biases backed by heightened sense of hopelessness can drive any disillusioned souls over the edge, if they let them. I'm a Muslim of color, born in America, a country I love, who knows of racism and bigotry, firsthand, but that doesn't spiritually allow me to want to harm, hurt or kill someone for no reason other than we are different. No way!

I know that the living saga is different for every living soul, including me and you, and life today is truly a test of the highest ilk. Some folk are born into wealth and others are impoverished among other differentials, but it's all about being tested by the Creator Alone.

Life is a challenge to succeed in and under the various regimes we live under or with. Some are fair and tolerable and others are brutal and bigoted, but nothing remains the same in either of the facets of worldly existences before anarchy takes place and that's a documented "his-storical" fact.

Oftentimes, it's done on a "his-storical" political platform that invokes racism undercover and, on other ecumenical instances, it could be done for no other reason(s) than religious fanaticism gone mad. Whatever your particular comfort zone is at the present moment, I'd like to ask you, "Would change places with any oppressed soul in the world?"

I don't think so, and as the world is existing in a state of comatose anxiety, many of us are witnessing far too many global hatreds taken to extreme proportions. Something has to happen within our collective spiritual souls that should help us unify as civilized folk respecting life and developing a God Alone directed tolerant love for all.

Listen, in moments like these, I, too, feel unhinged about the horrors of the tragedies that occur throughout the world, like the latest despicable Parisian debacle, but what can we do about it. There must be a greater message that needs to be sent to stop the unimaginable violence that seems to penetrate through the world en masse.

Some rational political thinkers and opinionated pundits of journalism think that violence begets violence and warn against overacting in harsh retaliatory ways because it only fuels more bitterness and distrusts. I don't know about that, but I do know, as a spiritual thinker, that we are facing real ominous signs from the Most High alone, if only we open our spiritual eyes to see what's really going.
I ask you to think deeply. And, in case you didn't know it by now, there's a lot of unspecified pandemonium of all dimensions going on in the world and it's, unfortunately, apparently only going to get unpredictably worse.

Nations with all the sophisticated weaponry in the world can attempt to eradicate the problem of terrorism by killing everyone but it may, in my opinion, only lend itself to seething bitterness that's in an already permanent underclass of embittered ethic and religious groupings. You simply can't kill everyone you dislike to resolve the problems and differences that exists in the world, in spite of the fact many folk would like that to happen.

I believe in the sanctity of life, so I must emphatically condemn the horrific slaughter of innocent ethnic "hue-man" beings in Paris. Their lives and precious souls belonged to God Alone and I have to respect them, the now deceased, just I respect you, the living. My respectful prayers of comfort are extended to their families and loved ones. Life is inestimable.

That's what living is all about. "To Paris with Respect for All." We need greater global understanding and universal communication. As a believer in God Alone, I express solidarity with the seekers of peace in Paris and beyond, and do that with love in God Alone's illustrious and holy name, and that's, "As I See It."

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