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Race Relations
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How You Gonna Kill Somebody’s Mama?
5/28/2014 3:17:04 PM

By Barney Blakeney

“You kill my dog, I’ll kill your cat. You kill my mama, I’ll kill yours back.”

After learning the alleged details in two January 1 homicides, a friend lamented “How you gonna kill somebody’s mama?” North Charleston police last week released the details of three New Year’s Day shootings that left two young mothers dead and another seriously wounded.

The crimes shook the local community. That day four women were shot - three in North Charleston and one in Ravenel. The Ravenel shooting was perpetrated during a home invasion, but the three North Charleston shootings had the public in the dark.

The Jan. 1 shooting deaths of 52-year-old Janet Royal and 49-year-old Debra Martin and 41-year-old Sabrina Green who was shot in the head yet survived, left the North Charleston community asking what the heck was going on. All three women were shot through their front doors while inside their homes.

Despite the usual prayer vigils and rallies, North Charleston police were mum about their investigations. I spoke with North Charleston Police Chief Ed Driggers a couple of weeks ago who said they had some suspicions regarding the incidents, but refused to give up any details. Last week they fingered two young Black guys who had fought at a night club the previous night and took turns shooting up each others houses. Apparently their moms just got in the way.

News reporters never are off duty. You never know when or where you’ll find a news story. I’ve learned to keep a note pad at my bed head to jot down story ideas as they come to me in my sleep.

So the other night as I’m watching the late news on television and listening to a report about three homicides at the annual Atlantic Beach Bikersfest followed by the report of a homicide last weekend in Ladson, I reflected on the high profile shooting death of a James Island man at Mosquito Beach a couple if weeks ago.

I made a note to myself for this column. It seems any time you get a group of young Blacks together, the fireworks start. At the clubs, at private parties, on the beach - Mosquito or otherwise - you put a group of young nigros together and there’s going to be some shooting.

Ya’ll remember that fake letter that went around a few years ago supposedly written by a member of the Klu Klux Klan in which the writer boasted the klan no longer had to hang nigros because brothers are killing each other for them?

We get mad when white folks paint us in such negative terms, but we don’t get made enough to do whatever it takes to stop the madness.

Our hankerchief-head preachers and fake politicians play the Steely Dan role and, like the lyrics in Steely Dan’s hit 1970s song “Peg” says goes, they just smile for the cameras as our kids perpetrate the genocide we so readily blame on cops. Don’t let nobody fool you. The cops ain’t killed nowhere near as many nigros in this community as Black boys kill.

Folks, we are experiencing an epidemic! We’re at a point with young Black men where arguments are ending in deaths. As we plan the next crab crack, our kids are going out to party and ending up dead.

And the girls are getting in the way so that now, not only are we losing young Black males, but also the girls who may be at those venues. What is it folks used to say? ‘Bullets ain’t got no names on them’.

I’ve often hear people say how much they love their children. That’s bullcrap. How can we love our children yet allow them to perpetrate such wholesale slaughter. Do we not have any influence over them?

Those of us who think we’re raising good kids who aren’t involved in all that street violence, who we send to school and college, who we’ve raised better - ask those two sets of parents who sent their boys to South Carolina State University and in January ended up in a shooting incident that left one dead and the other facing a living death if violence won’t reach out and touch good kids. This thing is touching all of us.

But you know what? We have the tools we need to make an impact. We have churches, alumni and professional associations, fraternities, sororities, brotherhoods and sisterhoods. We don’t have to organize to make things happen. Our organizations can make things happen.

The same way we deal with sickle cell, AIDS, diabetes and kidney disease, we can deal with this epidemic of violence that’s killing our kids. We must find the answer to my friend’s question, “How you gonna kill somebody’s mama?”

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