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We’re All Standing in the Need of Prayer

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

In my view, everyday is a day of celebration because it represents a reflective spiritual occasion because, during these times of personal struggles and massive uncertainties, we all have so much to be thankful for. The living process is becoming more chaotic with each passing moment.

I was thinking about what I could write for this column that would be significantly uplifting to you, me and anyone else who’s dealing with the fragile times we’re living in. The idea for what you’re reading came about as a result of speaking with a Christian brother of color, who, in our recent rap, spewed nothing but endless worrying negatives about many different thoughts.

This normally calm, but now pessimistic, soul had worry attached to to just about every sentiment that he was sharing from the COVID-19 disease and beyond. You name it, everything thing he seemingly said was, in some manner, a rather hopeless outlook about life-in-general and where he was at in it.

As I heard him speak about so many different issues and incoherent things, after awhile, I frankly didn’t know what he was talking about, nor worrying about, because he moved from one fruitless issue to another, leaving me totally confused. It seems as though he was now upset with everything in life.

I know that life is going to have its  ups and downs galore, and I’m quite sure you don’t need me to update you on that. Sometimes, many of us, yours included, need to wake up and smell the coffee of realities because the living experience is, and always, will be wrought with the unexpected, unpredictable and in many instances, the unexplained traumas of life.

This most certainly applies to the COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic that’s spreading throughout the world with such devastations that no one  knows for sure where, when or who it will strike next. In listening to the aforementioned brother of color, he was all over the universe with his self-described “worryation” conspiracy thoughts taking everywhere with no ending to his imaginary visions.

I know that “worryation” may not be an acknowledged, or even an identifiable, word in the English language, but just roll with me for a little bit longer is I attempt to deliver my message for today. In today’s contextual reality, some ethnic folk in “hue-manity” don’t understand that the living process is fragilely what it is, but it’s also revealing at best.

I was trying to tell my conspiracy-laced brother of color that, but, he, in his gloomy state of mind was literally all over the place with no possible way of seeing that the defeatist impact and toll that useless worry can have on his, or any other any “ hue-man’s,” soul. Only continuous experiences can lead a fallacious soul out of the darkness of his/her unsound misunderstandings.

I was told by a religious scholar that  sometimes some “ethnic souls are their very own worst enemies.” And, if it’s also true that “thoughts are synonymous to actions,” then there is no better time than now for all of us to remain prayerfully united and positively optimistic in how we think about things and how we interact with one another during these particular pressing times.

I trust that you realize that everything  that is occurring in life is doing so under the Creator Alone of everyone’s and everything’s decrees. This includes the viruses which are in our presently known and unrealized midsts, and they are all tests from the Most High Alone.

Again, some of us spiritually understand this without giving vent to “worryation,” and others, well, are just there running amuck with negativities and cynicisms, never comprehending that “everything in life happens for a reason.” The living experiences truly are tests in every form, shape, manner or illustration, and COVID-19’s appearance is no exception to that reality is exactly what I tried to explain to the conspiracy-minded brother.

Now, while speaking directly to you, I’d like you to remind you that, in so  many discernible ways, this testing period in all of its revealed arenas, is a time where you, me and everyone else needs to know with assurance that needless worry doesn’t solve any problems. With that being a renowned certainty, I believe that the only way any of us are going to make it through this or any other trial in life’s ever-unfolding scenarios from God Alone, is to activate faithful prayer and exercise spiritual belief in the Most High Alone.

I offer that because I feel deeply that many unenlightened ethnic folk worry for (God Alone knowing) reasons that they themselves don’t even know why they are doing same. These spiritually uninformed souls, I would assume, do this because they believe that by worrying, it may bring temporarily or yield permanently reliefs from whatever it is that’s bothering, or worrying, them.

We all have choices in our lives facing us, and I guess to worry or not is one of them. It’s a personal choice most “hue-mans,” including the spiritually inclined and the unbelievers alike, have to make, and to those who do worry, they do it without understanding that in the long scheme of things it produces nothing meaningful or positive.

Please don’t get what I’m alluding to that, in troubled times, an individual isn’t supposed to be “concerned” about any given test, affliction or item that he or she has to deal with in life’s ongoing litanies of trials and ordeals. To the contrary, I believe that we all must be aware of attempting to resolve the issues that plagues us all from time-to-time, but we must, or should, constructively do that with a faithful spiritual resolve and commitment, and not with one which is of a despairing nature and a downhearted outlook.

Being a spiritually prayerful soul, I believe that to abstractly worry about anything that you can’t immediately resolve, sway or rectify, especially, if its out of one’s control, is to then worry needlessly, which produces nothing productive in neither the short or long schemes of settling things. Do you understand what I’m saying?

If you don’t, and you (still) may label yourself a spiritual believer in God, whatever faith tradition or orientation you claim or follow, please consider what I’m offering next. Do you know and recognize that “Worry, in reality, is prayerful faith that has not said it’s trustworthy prayers totally and believably, in the Creator Alone of everyone and everything?”

A true believer in the Most High Alone does not become confused with any trial, test, ordeal or tribulation in the living process that comes his/her way. We all must know that a created being, who is presently pessimistic and has no faith in the Creator Alone, who created him/her, in reality, has no future, and I, respectfully, suggest to you to not let that spiritual statement go over your head without judgement.

Even though I’m a devoted Muslim, I offer this to the brother from the words of the late Christian minister, Reverend C.L. Franklin, who said, “As I reflect down the vistas of the past, as I think about all the problems and all the experiences I have had; without a faith in God, a faith in prayer, and a disposition of loyalty to God, I don’t know what I would have done.”

What are you going to do? No matter what you call yourself or believe, you should only give prayers to the Creator Alone only for aid, sustenance and protection in and under all circumstances, including the one we’re in. “Prayer works.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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