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Guns In Schools
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9/26/2012 2:27:01 PM

Brothers who patronize bed-warmers along King St, and Meeting St. must be desperate and yearning for female companionship, no matter how skinny and ugly they are.

You’re middle-aged if you remember such clubs as The Village, Birdland, Pinckney’s Plaza , the Zanzibar, Porgy & Bess, The Touch of Class the Colonial Lounge, the music of The Amidas, James Jenkins and his Soul Sensations, or Bobby Driscoll and The Diplomats.

Why do women say; “I had a baby for him.”

Black living in Mt. Pleasant are the least represented and have no voice in the future growth of the town.

Nothing lonelier than an unescorted sister driving a nice car late at night searching for something she can’t get.

Most of us would be shocked at the number of Black lawyers who have either been disbarred, placed on probation, cited by the S.C. Bar Association, which makes it difficult for bright, newly-minted Blacks a chance in the marketplace.

I always bet on the sister with the close-crop hairdo when she’s contesting a wig-wearer for the brother’s affection.

There are still a contingent of Black politicos who would support former House member Jimmy Bailey if he decides to replace Joe Riley as mayor, which he hasn’t.

Most sisters with skinny legs have large personalities.

Lots of brothers take their meals at Huger's on King St. on a regular basis because their wives don’t like any parts of the kitchen. 

Why do brothers with beautiful wives do their cheating with homely sisters?  

If you intend to knock a brother’s wife, tell him not me.

Nepotism in the city’s fire department is just as rampant as in older days, but Blacks on the force are afraid to speak up and demand some equality in hiring and promotion.

Grab your money-belt if on the first date she if she steers you to a club where  everybody knows her by her first name.

Even the most passionate love affairs that breaks up is amazed by the changes times make in a former squeezer when he tries to make up.

No matter how difficult the push to place Blacks in key government positions, give them three paydays and they become unreachable. 

Sisters aren’t embarrassed when they buy pajamas for their sweetie, but a brother purchasing a set of pantyhose acts as though he were making a deal with a dope dealer.

No matter where I go out of town there is always someone who asks: Do Blacks live in Charleston?

Have you ever noticed that people who appear deranged and out-of-control, never walk against the red light!

Since Black Republican Tim Scott has no association with the Congressional Legislative Black Caucus, the notion is that he is setting himself to run for governor one day.

No one looks more helpless than a member of the church choir suffering from a hangover on a Sunday morning during services.

It’s a sad commentary when most Blacks can’t name the Black members of Charleston City Council, and those on council in county government.

The most beautiful of sisters wear very little makeup or none at all.

Since the 1969 Hospital Workers Strike at MUSC, very little has changed for the majority of Black staffers, yet they fail to recognize the value of belonging to a union and stay away because of fear, the same as with the city’s sanitation workers.

The most stylish of sisters look sloppy if her pantyhose wrinkle at the knees or a loose thread dangles below the dress line.

No one has given me an answer on why county government has on its payroll two staffers designated as holding positions as “Veterans Affairs.”

I’ve noticed that the majority of sisters who wear those hoop earring have big mouths.

Some people complain that Black cops are just as bad as white  cops when dealing with Blacks.

  The sister figures she has attractive legs when she talks about her corns.

Have you noticed the East and Westside getting whiter and whiter?

While many complain about the senseless drowning of children in private or open pools due to their inability to swim. The Black community on the East and Westside have two of the most modern pools in the city, surrounded by hundreds of children in public housing, and no civic group encourages them to take advantage of what they have.

Why do manicurists think they’re surgeons?

The City of Charleston adopted a “No Loitering” law but you wouldn’t know, just drive through Line St., Jackson, Nassau, along Rutledge and Strawberry Lane, and place your order for whatever.

When a brother describes his new lady as talented, I figure she has a job.

Don’t penalize me if I once did you a favor. Mercy. 






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